How fear is a great resource

I had a conversation with a friend some days ago, and he wanted to know how fear is a great resource. This was a follow up conversation from a post I wrote few days back – 15 Inspiring Quotes by Joyce Olawunmi.

Here is a summary of what I told him:

  • Fear is real
  • Fear comes to all of us
  • Fear has a mission to dis-empower us
  • The presence of fear means there is something bigger you are reaching for
  • We have a choice to make when we feel afraid – Back out or do things afraid


So how is fear a great resource?

It is a propellant force to make us act and do things we ordinarily will not want to do. I have had fears, and I know you must have had too. But instead of allowing such fears rob us of achieving our goals, it is better we use it as a resource to keep forging ahead.

When you think of fear as a great resource, you are more likely to view it as a tool to help you achieve something. Many a times, the perspective we have to fear is usually too negative. We feel that once fear comes, it means we should stop or quit what we are doing.


It is just what comes to test our stamina and capacity when we are paddling the boat of life.

So today, I ask you…

What is that one thing you will rather do if you weren’t afraid?

Creating an Online Course? Starting a new Business? Getting Married? Applying for a scholarship? Whatever it is, it is time to dish that fear and do things afraid because there is more to you than this!

Here are some great resources that can help you utilize fear to your advantage:

  1. Read this post : Fear is a great Resource
  2. Get a book on how to overcome your fears, check out Yourbookshopper website.


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