How to create structures that support your vision

structures that support your vision
structures that support your vision

Good morning, today, let’s talk about- how to create structures that support your vision, shall we??

So many times, I realize that people have vision, goals, desires, dreams, and things they are passionate about, but seldom do they live up to achieving them. Could this be a result of some witch hunting influence from their village or some environmental factor that doesn’t support their dreams?


I like to believe that achieving any dream firstly has a lot to do with the individual, his mindset and attitude to that dream. Usually, people have lofty ideas, they see great people who have achieved what they also want to achieve, but they lock themselves up in the corner trying so hard to follow exactly the same template and processes these people used to achieve their vision. Basically, they want to copy everything others did to achieve their vision.

Whilst other success stories can serve as a good template for us to emulate and follow through, I believe that there is no one ultimate formula to success that everyone should follow.

So how then can you create structures that support your vision?

These things can be of help…..

Tailor your Life around the kind of Environment you Live

The kind of environment you live in will have a great influence on the outcome of your life. If you live in a place like Lagos, Nigeria, you know that you have to be out early to beat lots of traffic. Hence, you would need to be an early riser. This may mean that most of your strategic thinking time will be done when in motion.

Another mistake I see most people make is that they do not understand their body system. For example, you should know when you best function daily. Is it during the day or at night. You shouldn’t force yourself to be a day time person simply because others are. If the night season works best for you, why not stay up at night to do some more work?

Get a Solid Support System

To be sincere, we all need a solid support system to achieve our goals in life. If your present company (relationships) doesn’t support your vision, why not change it. The mistake most people make is that they want to be loyal to relationships they have had in the past, just to save name, save face and all. If you want to achieve your vision most times, you might need to move with the winning team, and have the right cheerleaders alongside.

Create Personal Development Plans for Yourself


I love this so well. You can’t talk about having structure to achieve your goals without having lots of personal self-discipline. Do you have structures that guard how you spend your 24 hours daily? Do you have specific times you do something about that vision you have? Or are you waiting for some magic to happen someday for you to achieve your vision?

In Conclusion

Creating structures that support your vision can only be crafted out by you. Whilst others life template can serve as a good guide, you still have to make that decision yourself of choosing what best works for you. So today, create the structure that fits your vision and live your best life.



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