How To Execute Your Big Dream

The title of this post came to mind shortly after I had an aha moment earlier today.

I was taking an inventory on my life, where I have been in the past, where I am now and where I want to be in the nearest tomorrow.  As I thought, I asked myself, am I making progress, am I taking actions on my big dreams, or am I waiting for the perfect time to step out?

This thought came to mind afterwards, You can only give a proper evaluation of youurslef when you keep taking moves.


But then, I asked myself, why haven’t all dreams  come true,  if I can dream it, then it should be as good as executed?

Well, the missing link is often this-  EXECUTION. I often hear people give excuse on why they don’t start out on their big dream, they honestly say they  are waiting for the perfect timing, place and people to fan their dreams to life( sounds noble right) . But in reality, these people do not even know what a ”perfect timing” is. I basically want to end by saying these people are too careful not to fail.

Reading stories of  achievers, I have learned that one of the greatest attributes they have in common is Tenacity, they are often too carelessly careful with their dreams. I understand the need for one to come up with an idea, craft out a strategy to execute, but what I do know is that most dreams never get beyond the idea phase because of the fear of failure.

In this phase of my life, I have learned  that whatever happens to me, I always want to tell myself, babe, you are not a failure , you simply learned to  face your fears, knowing that failure is as much an important part my success story. This talk keeps me going.

You can be like the great Mark Zuckerberg who thought of how to connect his high school friends to chat and created Facebook, or a Bill gates that just had flare for computers and today is the world’s richest man because of his love interest, or the internationally renowned Fashion designer – Deaola Sagoe who believed that African prints can be worn internationally, or better still you can be that YOU that decided to be carelessly careful with an idea and took action on it.

So my kind advice is this- Be carelessly careful with your dreams, do not wait for perfection before taking steps, believe in yourself and achieve your dreams.





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