How To Handle Low Moments In Life

happy after having low moments
a woman happy after having low moments in life

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately, which can invariably cause one to have low moments in life. When you think of the stress associated with going to and fro work, the increased cost of transportation and additional time spent on the road, you may seem to wonder and ask, when will it get better?

I have been experiencing the bad road and stressful experience daily. With what seems to almost choke me, my vision, passion, desire and goals in life. So I thought, if this is how I feel, then maybe, some other persons are feeling the same way.  I know from experience that passion and drive can be affected by external circumstances. Many a times, it’s not like we are not passionate, futuristic or visionary, things happen, people change, and we try to adapt to these changes. So I asked myself, when one feels uninspired, unmotivated, how do they come out of it?

How I Handle Low Moments

For me, the way I handle low moments is to be very sincere with myself and my emotions. Another way I deal with low moments is by pouring out my thoughts in a blog post. And other times, I speak to close friends and relate how I feel to them. Those times, I do not necessarily want counsel, or some good advice, I just need a listening ear and heart that connects. I also speak to my maker about how I feel, I might not necessarily voice it out in prayers, but then, I allow him personally treat me good, I get lost in him and him alone.

As I wrap up this post, I want to encourage you, in life, you could have low moments, go through real stuffs and think like it’s all over, but never ever give up. Let this thought from my heart encourage you regardless of what you are going through.


Quote To Encourage You When Having Low Moments in Life

Always remember that you are uniquely created. No matter what life throws at you, there is more to you than eyes can see for now.


You could also share in the comment section of the post, how you deal with having low moments in your life.



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