If you follow me on social media platforms, you will observe that I have started sharing video content in addition to my write-ups. Haa, video content is much more different from writing, as it requires more time and effort to push out good videos. Shout out to every video creator out there!!!


My gist today isn’t even about my new love for making videos, but something interesting I will like to tell you.  A lot of times, when some people speak to me, they often tell me how big their dreams and aspirations are, and how their ideas will create solutions to human’s wicked problems. But do you know what they say to often end such great conversations?


I don’t feel I am good enough, or  I don’t feel I have what it takes!!


Haa, these kinds of statements are all under the same umbrella called “SELF -SABOTAGE’’, which keeps holding people from doing things they ought to do.  As I often tell them, feelings are FICKLE, they will always come and go, and hence we must never base our judgment on these feelings. No doubt, we are humans and are gifted to feel, but if we only relied on how we felt all the time, nothing will ever get done.


Do you know why?


  • Sometimes you may feel  like a giant ready to conquer the world, but other times, you may feel otherwise
  • Sometimes you may feel like everyone else is doing what you plan to do and hence feel like doing nothing 
  • Sometimes, you may feel like your ideas are too simple to be of benefit to anyone


But regardless of how you feel, always remember, you have a voice and message that the world needs to be a better place. So, therefore, always take the necessary steps you should, because success often lies on the other side of these unstable feelings.


In other news, I recently launched my Youtube channel where I share short practical videos on Faith, Lifestyle, and everything Inspiration. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here and also kindly watch the video I posted today by clicking here.


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