How To Make The Most Of Your Time When Attending Events

Are you like me?

Do you often find yourself jumping from one relevant event to the other, do you often consider yourself not having enough time to rest and relax as your body wants, simply because you are on this personal development journey, then you are not alone in this.

I often hear people say this – Those events and conferences are just a waste of time. They just bring motivational speakers together to tell of their life achievements but they never offer practical steps for people to follow through, they speak theory and not practical. So what’s the point?


Well, I often want to remind myself that “No one owes me nothing in this world, I owe myself, my destiny and my generation the best version of myself at all times”.

Just in case you started feeling downcast, or tired of attending such events, here are some tips you can use to revive your passion to gaining more knowledge and as well maximize the time spent at events:

  1. Always go to events with a Journal: This seems easy to say right? But I find this not so easy to practice. Most times, we often feel we know what the speakers are saying and hence don’t need to write anything down as there is nothing new coming from them. How about seeing it in this light that whatever you learn at events is reinforcing what you already know. So writing makes the best of you, you can always go back to your journal to re-read what you have written. This principle is further explained in the post ’Am I Employable’.
  2. Have an open mind to learning: No matter how knowledgeable one may seem to be, there is always something new to learn as an individual. Once you see these events as an addition to your knowledge base and you keep an open mind to learning, you begin to hear beyond what is been said, you get new ideas and insights. In such moments you can get your Light up ideas which is unique to you.
  3. Plan on what to start doing afterwards: It is good to have “Light up” moments from events, but what happens afterwards?. These ideas needs to be worked on to materialize before they can become useful. You might want to say, I keep learning but I really don’t have the time to make such plans. Well, I will like to recommend you start using your spare time more judiciously. From the book ‘The Psychology of selling’’ written by Brian Tracy, I learned on the 10 minutes principle which helps me think and plan on the go. It will help you too.
  4. Be relational: When you go to events, go with an open mind to meet new people and connect. The lessons from attending events doesn’t only lie in what the speakers have to say, but also on what the next person close to you has to say. Attending events can be a good way to network, share business cards and build new relationships . So be open!
  5. Set your priorities right: I know I am an advocate of attending so many meaningful events, but the truth is that it’s not all events you should attend. If you can get the CD’s , then do so. You could also stream online (If you can be disciplined enough to pay close attention). Attending events and conferences is good, but also, attend those that have a direct effect on your personal growth journey, not all events will be of benefit to you at a particular time,choose how you spend your time wisely.


I hope this post help reinforce the importance of attending meaningful Events as well as provide a good guide to maximizing your time there too .


PS: I will love to hear from you in the comment section how helpful this post was to you and also if there are other ways you make the most attending Events.




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