How to overcome pains, let go, and move on

You might have been hurt
You might have been wounded
People might have promised, but failed you
But this shouldn’t stop you from moving and living your best life

No doubt, we all have experienced one form of betrayal or the other from people we least expected it from. This might have caused us to loose faith in trusting people. I can only imagine how much damage those things must have done to such relationships and even to us as individuals.

Recently, I found myself thinking of a hurt that I was experiencing. I traced it back to what had happened to me years ago. Gosh! How could I allow an event from over 5 years ago  destabilize me and rub me of enjoying the joy of the moment? The Lord whispered to my ears, and said, move on.  It is not about who or what has happened in the past, it is about  choosing to experience true joy and freedom that only comes from letting go of the past.

Here is my gist

When you hold on to past hurt, you give those things upper hand over you, allow such steal your peace of mind, and take control over you.

I know you have legit reasons to feel sad and sorry, you might need to cry if need be to let out the pain, or even talk to someone you trust about it, but after doing so, please move on.

It is time to forgive those that have wronged you

It is time to heal from the past

It is time to move on

There is so much lying ahead for you to achieve and do with your life. You need all the energy you can get to keep moving. Don’t allow emotional baggage from the past hold you back from living your best life.

Keep moving, keep staying inspired,

God’s got you!

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