I got a rejection mail today!!!

I wish the rejection mail didn’t come, it sounded like a blow in my face. For heaven sake, I have done this a lot of times. It wasn’t my first attempt at doing this. But somehow, this time, my effort wouldn’t fly.

Thinking through again, I am considering whether or not to share this story. But on second thought, I think I would just spare you with the details of what happened. I have been on such an adventurous journey for a while now, exploring and maximizing one of my best skills- writing. I got a great platform to write on and I have consistently written on it for a while now.

But Alas!

This time, my article would not be featured on the platform for some very good reasons. This singular statement, this type of mail, can set a writer doubting his/her writing capabilities. It happened to me, and for the first time, I could see myself bowing my face in defeat. I know I talk about about how much you should rise above that difficult situation, brace up and move on. But that was real, this was more personal to me. I had been touched at my soft spot.

So what next?

I thought within myself, did they really mean what they said? or was I just overreacting? But I love to always flip things on various sides of the coin, to see where I am missing it. And of course to make the necessary amends. And just like the bible says, no chastening is pleasurable when it is happening, so yes, it hurts right now.

So I am here to tell you how I feel, and probably what next I think I should be doing:

1. I will evaluate myself and my writing  to see where I have missed it
2. The next thing I would do is to work on the identified areas on improving my writing skill
3. Lastly, I would be open to learning new things because I know there is still so much for me to learn in becoming a better writer

Why did I tell this story?

This story is very personal to me, and I believe that it will encourage you too. In life, if we truly want to grow, we can’t only keep hearing all the great stuff about ourselves, without learning of areas we should improve on. We should hear the good, the bad, and the ugly too. And when the ugly comes, let us not dust it off the pan like it doesn’t matter, but rather, embrace it, look inwards and make the necessary amends.
So yes, I got a rejection mail today!

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