I Know Love Is Pure

love is pure
love is pure

I know that love is pure
I know that love is true
I know that love is seen
I know love can be felt


Sometimes my heart races
and aches for the feel
and touch of this love experience
To know what it feels like


But then I know
That love is pure for all
Not for a select few to experience
But yet I wait in my abode
for this love to be revealed to me


I know the Love of the father
The love is pure I know
His son he gave,
Freely given for all men


I know the father’s love no doubt
Many a times I’m afar from his presence
But this love chases me down full force
Till he gets a full grip
And wrap me in his arm


I have tasted and seen that God is good
And his love is pure without a fault
Yet I still crave for this other type of love
The Philoe kind of love they call it


The Greek says this kind exists between friends
Typified in great friendship
showing genuine affection for each other
Without expectation of favor in return


Hey lover boy, have you got this kind of love?
Right now, I don’t seem to know where you are
I just may not know your face to see your heart
But I have a pet name already for you
Let’s say, it is my sweetie pie
Do you like the sound?


Dear one
Come with your love
Come with your savor
Come with your heart
I long to meet you


I have experienced love in the past
But definitely not as sweet as one you will offer
But I am here patiently waiting
as a bride for her groom
To give me this love I long for
And I will in double, give a return to you





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Joyce Olawunmi

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