I launched Yourbookshopper afraid

Guys, I launched Yourbookshopper afraid!!!

You know that feeling of not being enough, or adequately prepared to carry out an assignment? I can tell you I know what that feeling is and I will explain with my personal story.

My Story

Today, I launched out one of my business outlet, Yourbookshopper, an online platform where you can buy all kind of books: Self Development, Educational, Career, Religious, and Financial books and get them delivered to you easily anywhere in Nigeria. Prior to this day, I have been running this business successfully. I have sold books, made some cool cash (winks), and even publicized myself to a few friends.

But you know what?

I just didn’t spread my wings. I only told some of my contacts on WhatsApp about my business (Yes, sometimes,  I could be like that). I actually knew that publicizing my business on other platforms, will increase my sales, but for some reasons, I just didn’t do it. I kept procrastinating on when I would launch out, giving excuses all over, as to why it wasn’t the perfect time to do so.

Sometimes, I said it was my designer who was delaying with the designs, other times, I said, I didn’t feel the timing was right. But believe me, I was dealing with some hidden issues that I didn’t want to come to face with.

Do you know the real issue I was dealing with?

FEAR. I was afraid of so  many things. I didn’t feel I could actually launch out with my idea. I thought severally, what if it doesn’t come out well? Or better still, so many other big companies are selling books, and I am just a novice at this business. Will I succeed?


When eventually I faced the truth of the matter, I realised that I was doing myself no good-by being quiet about my new business. So many people have patronised my business, bought books from me, and so many others will still do. So against all odds, I launched out today and posted about my business and the services I render on social media.

See, this story isn’t even the full gist about what my business, Yourbookshopper is all about. I am still going to do a more proper introduction to here. But I just want you to learn one thing from my story today,

  Against all odds, you can launch out with your idea. You only need to be bold and take the first step of action.


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Joyce Olawunmi


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  • Thank you Wunmi. Your story does me a great deal of good. Thanks for sharing. I want a book “Pastor E. A. Adeboye; His life and Calling”. Written 2017 by 40 authors. Thank you.

    • Thanks for making a book request. I have sent you a mail on how to get the book delivered to you. You can also call me on 07032806206


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