I learnt something new on what true love means today

Today, I learned what true love means by listening to one of the Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s message.

So I will tell you exactly how I stumbled on listening to such messages. Earlier this month, I spoke to a Mentor of mine, seeking counsel on something and he directed me to listening to her messages. Just to share a simple principle here, when you need answers to questions bothering you, please speak to someone who can provide you with guidance.

Back To The Message I Was Listening To,

Pastor Bimbo spoke a lot on what love means. Of all she said, something struck out for me, and that is the fact that true love is willing to let go when you know if is for the best of both parties (paraphrasing). This might mean letting go of habits, or even letting go of such relationship because you know it will be in the best interest of both parties.

Well, Let Me Break This Down,

True love, in any form of relationship, be it in marriage, or just friendship, is always looking out for the best of the other.  It is not self seeking and often considers the interest of the other at hand.

This kind of true love is clearly demonstrated  by God who sent his dear son Jesus Christ to die for us even while we were yet sinners. He kept seeking our best interest at heart, and looking for how to reconcile us back to himself.

This is What I have Noticed

A lot of times, when people hold on to certain things, behaviours, habit and patterns that isn’t beneficial to their relationships, it is either because they are only concerned about their own interest and nothing more.

A better way to keep up with relationships will be to be willing and ready to commit the required time, energy and resources to make such relationship flourish. And if certain things needs to go, then so be it…..

In Conlcusion,

True love is never self seeking, but rather always willing to give of itself. Today, examine yourself and make a commitment to invest the right ingredients into the relationships in your life.



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