To write is to tell and re-tell , this post goes beyond just re-telling what others are doing,its about sharing nuggets from young individuals succeeding in their various field of endeavour that we all can learn from
Below are some thoughts they’ve shared from their personal experience…



Ogunseiju Bolanle,CEO ggc Jewels  whose works has been featured on @bellanaija weddings shares her personal thoughts on what it takes build and sustain a Jewellery making business and here’s what she has to say :


”In the jewelry making world where the competition is so intense, the major way to limelight is birthing the unique idea right on your inside.Make your signature piece out of the norm and let your intelligence birth creativity. Using genuine materials, diligently craft amazing jewelry pieces that will leave people’s mouth ajar and I tell you, with God by your side, you will stand before kings and not mere men”


Connect with her on Instagram: @ggc_jewels




If you want to build a career in photography,then you should consider words from Ajilola Gbolahan, CEO Ajilola photography,a professional photographer who combines his skill of capturing terrific images with managing Corporate events  as a project manager .He believes that:


”Photography is an art, it requires practice to attain perfection. In order to succeed as a photographer, you need to be ready to do beyond the ordinary, you need to innovate and see the world differently. First Master the rules, then be innovative by breaking them. Finally, take each endeavor as a project, Plan, execute, and control.”


Connect with him   on Instagram: @ajijolastudio


Tolulope Oladele is an amazing champ!!


He has ventured into the media world by opening his own advertising firm.He is the Ceo VENUS PUBLIX ,a company that does  Caller tunes AD’s,  Audio &   Video jingle production, Led board  AD’s, Bill board AD’s , Website design and productions ,Software Design ,Digital marketing, Wall drape AD’S ..

 Here’s what he thinks will make your brand stand out in the media world :

“One of the greatest art to master, is WINNING PEOPLE’S HEART. Always approach life with a positive mental attitude. Know that no matter what, Some Will, Some Won’t, So What?, Someone’s Waiting “……
Follow on  twitter: @AdvertDoctur

The list of who is doing what is endless because your individual input is also needed to inspire someone else. This post will help us all channel our  energy in the right direction  as we  connect with like minds in various field of endeavour.



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