To write is to tell and re-tell , this post goes beyond just re-telling what others are doing,its about sharing nuggets from young individuals succeeding in their various field of endeavour that we all can learn from
Below are some thoughts they’ve shared from their personal experience…




Here’s what Dr Sola Fajana ,a Medical Practioner & wellness strategist has to say about succeeding in the medical field:

“The Medical profession is both a Science and Art field where you need a combination of Passion and Compassion to execute everything you do on a daily basis”.

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As a Dentist & Academic success strategist ,Dr Deji Kowobari believes that:

“Success in Academics requires consistent discipline in following a well prepared reading plan that should be regularly evaluated”.

 “Taking responsibility for previous results is the first step to having better grades. owning your results and academics will prevent students from creating excuses and become disciplined with a reading plan”.


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>> Femi Tiamiyu ,Leadership Instructor & Author- A-Z of Campus Leadership thinks that:


“Every great leader observes his/her daily dose of growth as they are capsules of greatness”.


“Improved leadership comes from not just trying and failing , but from trying,failing,learning from the experiences and trying again”.


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>> Angbulu Stephen the immediate past Zonal Coordinator at NCCF Gombe State shared his thought on leadership and here’s what he has to say:

 “The beauty of leadership lies in the fact that it pushes you beyond your comfort zone, it triggers growth and the better you become, the more you see the need to be better ”.

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As a Buinessman/Entrepreneur, Alabi Emmanuel’s golden idea for building a successful business empire is this:


 “Don’t be afraid to start small .start small now, just be diligent! However while starting small, have a vision of making your business outgrow you”.

 “Running business Is a form of spiritual game. Know the rules and play it Well”

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>>Ayodeji Olateju, a successful fashion designer & Clothier has this to say:

“See your dream not only when you sleep, but importantly when you are awake where realities and challenges of life are dancing around.If you can consistently see your dreams at those time, then you are inches away from achieving the greatness you desire”

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Victor Ogbara-Lawyer& Convener Man up Conference thinks that:


 “Every man must rise daily to the challenge to live responsibly not by the measure of alcohol gulped or the number of women laid but by the strength of his character”.

 “Your daily choices will compound to become your character. If your children reproduce your character, will you be a proud father?Bear in mind that it takes a godly man to raise a godly seed” .


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Adeyeye Toluwalase, a Legal Practitioner & Lead facilitator Women on Assignment believes that:

 “A Woman must take time daily to invest in herself spiritually, mentally, socially and physically”

 “A Woman must consciously and consistently have a relationship with GOD, she must guide it jealously, hold it in high esteem, make it number one on her priority list because it’s the source by which everything in a woman’s life is held together, this should be the focus of every woman even in a world of many distractions”


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Well quoted from great minds and i will add mine and  say- whatever you need to do in achieving that dream/goal you have ,“just DO IT NOW”.

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