If wishes were horses…..

Answer this question sincerely – Has there ever been a time when you wished you were another? Or had some kind of opportunities others have?

I bet, the majority of the response will be Yes. Many of us are on this table for so many reasons. It could be how glamorous the life of others look, or even the hidden wishes of our  heart that we can only see in others.

I like to stay with the latter….  Wishes, Wishes and Wishes..

A lot of times, what most people spend so much time doing is wishing away that they could be somebody or even have what others have. But wishing alone never  gets the real deal!!

Wishes remains static, it takes one no where, save to the land of fairly tale… And you sure know, nothing is ever real there.

An adage clearly amplifies this-  If wishes were horses, even beggars will ride….

We wish for a good life, to have some form of wealth, affluence and control, Don’t  we?

But sadly  not many can rise up from such wishes and turn it to a strong  desire for them to pursue.

I believe that Desire is a stronger force that propels you to keep your attention on something until it works out. Desire is what keeps you moving and staying up late into the night to see your vision materialise even when the idea is yet to fully crystalline in your heart.

So instead of just wishing away, convert such wishes to strong desires that will pull and propel you to taking action.

A good practise will be to do the following:

  1. Create a time where you can visualise your desires. Think big, dream big
  2. Put such desires into writing
  3. Brood upon such desires
  4. Have a ready action plan to do something on the desire
  5. Maintain a strong focus on your desire

As I conclude,

I encourage you to look deeply within yourself, and your predominant thoughts. Ask yourself sincere questions. Are you just wishing to have a good life someday  or are you consciously working on a desire that will give you a better life?

I strongly recommend  you do the latter….




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