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Inspiring quotes from Techpoint Inspired

Techpoint inspired is an event that convenes Industry leaders, visionaries, innovators, CTO’s, CIO’s, and Engineers, Developers, Designers and Tech enthusiasts to explore Tech trends that will shape Nigeria’s Future. The event is held annually to spark up innovative ideas, business opportunities and relationship building. I was privy to attend the 2018 edition held at Pistis Conference Center, Lekki and here are some of the things I learned from the event:

From Richard Ikiebe, PhD, a member of Faculty, School of Media and communication at Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos and also Director of the Center for Leadership in Journalism who spoke on thinking differently, Ideas create the future. Here are some of the inspiring thought provoking statements he made:

  • Think differently, innovate your way out of a problem, and put your mind to work.
  • Thinking brings progress.
  • Take ideas from what someone has done and use it to create something new.
  • Thinking must be combined with passion, great ideas partner with passion.
  • Thinking alone is not enough, you must be ready to systematically test your thoughts with action.
  • The future is not given, it is taken so dream of a future that you believe in.
  • Invest in your ideas, be deliberate about your thought.
  • Imagination is more important that knowledge, knowledge is limited, imagination is volatile.
  • Problems are there to create opportunities, leverage on it.
  • Stop making excuses else you die with your ideas.

From the Business angle, Chidi Ajaere, CEO of GIGM group, the most technologically driven transportation and logistics company in Nigeria gave these thoughts provoking points:

  • The need for doing business must be borne out of desire.
  • Desire leads to vision.
  • In business, it is very important to focus on customer’s experience.
  • In doing business, you need to invest your money and time to get desired result.
  • To run a successful business, you need good moral character and self-disciple to thrive.
  • You need a strong character to win in the business space.
  • Embrace competition effectively, leverage on it to build your business.
  • You need patience and perseverance to run business successfully.
  • The salvation of modern day business lies on 3 things: Knowledge, Effective Leadership and Technology.

I hope these quotes spur you to dream big, innovate, and take action on your big  ideas.

Cheers to the future!

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