I was on a return trip from one of Nigeria’s most populous cities. While waiting at the park for the bus to get filled up, I experienced something a bit absurd.

My experience could be seen as a norm to those who frequently ply that route, but for me, it was a bit strange. I saw able -bodied young individuals begging their lives out and raining all manners of “unnecessary prayers on passengers” just to beg for money, some even went as far as printing fake medical report to back their claim for need, playing on people’s intelligence.

The height of it was when I saw a woman with fully grown twin boys doing same. Shouldn’t these kids at least be in school? Why stress these innocent Children under the hot Sun? I know life happens to people but really, she wasn’t physically or mentally challenged, she could channel these begging skills to doing business and fending for herself and her kids, but no, begging for money seemed better.

Reaching to my bag to hand out a 50  Naira note to each child wasn’t an issue for me but I won’t be doing this woman any good if I did so. This scenario was a breach on my personal understanding of money – A legal document acceptable for payment of goods and services.

So which good / service did she offer me? All she had to offer was her cellophane bag which she uses to stuff up money she collects.

As the bus drove off, I felt good with myself; my hard-earned money won’t be counted as her gain for the day .I tried to relate what I experienced to how I had reasoned many years ago, expecting money to fall from the sky or hoping one rich Uncle or Aunty would dash me big money, but mehnnn, it never happened because making money runs on the principle of exchange which cannot be broken.

I do believe in God sending people to bless us with resources, but in addition I also believe in people working smart and hard to make their own money . Apply for Jobs, start a business, render services, just anything legit to make money.

Perpetual begging isn’t a norm and should never be encouraged, let us help our society by teaching others how to catch fish for themselves in any way we can, help someone become financially intelligent, help get and create jobs .That way, there will be less dependence on others for survival as we all will have enough resources to share with those truly in need.

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Joyce Olawunmi


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  • Nice dearie, there was a time I reasoned like this but I have to change my orientation recently because everyone might seem ok, but they really need help. And at times we should not allow this OT condition us from helping people.

  • A nice write up. But let me buttress two thoughts. First, I am an advocate for hardwork and believe there is something everyone can do except you are terminally ill and bedridden. And i believe and totally agree that sometimes giving this people money actually doesn’t help them. The second is discernment. I believe you should give and help when your heart tells you so, and not because people or society expects you to. There are times I have given to an able bodied man and not given to one on a wheel chair, Why? Because my heart told me to. This is important beccause if we are to judge people just by the fact that they look okay, we might miss helping alot of people who really need help.
    If we let our heart and not our eyes choose for us, we would never give amiss.

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