Just put an extra effort

extra effort
extra effort

Really, you just need to put the extra effort to get ahead in life.

Hey friends, it’s been a while I stopped by here. And I am so happy to be putting up this post today. You know sometimes when we have to get things done, we often think that we need all the magic to make things happen.  But this is seldom what is required.

You sure must have heard this saying before, ”little drops of water makes a mighty ocean”. It is the little thing you do repeatedly that accounts for the mighty feats you achieve. Obviously, I have been seen this play out a lot in life. When I look at great people around me, and I often wonder how and why they are able to achieve so much, I realise that it’s the simple things they do repeatedly that helps them achieve so much. Usually the tiny small efforts they put into doing things.

Well, this might seem a bit like the usual things you hear, but here is what I am saying;

The principle of applying a little extra effort first starts with yourself. Are you usually the type that likes to give up easily? Do you back out when you encounter a setback? Then you might have to change that.  See, what I learn from great achievers is their ability to push beyond the storm and try things differently.

Can I tell you this truth?

Going the extra mile isn’t easy, In fact, its a road less travelled by others. But really, it usually produces the most fantastic result.

I remember something I heard from a great preacher a long time ago, he said ” Its only a fool that will keep doing the same thing repeatedly and will be expecting a different result’‘.  See, result-oriented people are go-getters. They are those who are willing to put in the extra effort, to do the extra, because they see different from what others are seeing.

In Conclusion

We just recently started the second half of the year 2019. What are those goals you set out to achieve? How have you been faring with them? Are you already feeling discouraged and thinking it’s impossible to achieve them? Well, I am here to tell you that your dreams are valid and those goals are achievable, all you need is to put some more effort, the go the extra mile, and go for Gold…

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