Learn from it and move on

You can feel bad about a thing for a while, but afterwards, you should move on. I had an experience at the office earlier today, and I feel its worth sharing here with you. I realise that these days, I tell a lot of personal stories of what’s happening to me. I hope it inspires you as much as it does to me.

This is what happened

I was asked by my boss to do something at work. I got the mail and was so excited to work. In fact, I hurriedly read the mail and sent a reply almost immediately. I felt so cool with myself afterwards as I considered myself being very proactive by what I did. I just went about my duties at the office for the remaining part of the day feeling like a superstar staff (winks).

But little did I know

In a bid to satisfy my boss and get the job done as quickly as possible, I didn’t take my time to read through the content of the mail to understand what was required of me. I just scanned through the mail thinking I knew what was requested. It felt like the former things he usually asks me to do, and so I thought, this was also like the norm.

And I was wrong

I got called by my boss later that day, and he corrected me of the error I made in carrying out the assignment. Yeah, you needed to see the look on my face after  I left his office. I felt bad, I felt bad that I made such a mistake. I almost started to beat myself up, like – babe, how could you have done that? But I remembered something, that I was on a process of getting better at performing my job, and so I cheered up and moved on. I forgave myself for making such a mistake and quickly went back to make the necessary corrections.


But as life would have it, I learned some lessons from that experience:

  1. In whatever you do, pay attention to details
  2. Sometimes, you need not make assumptions, ask questions to seek more understanding
  3. Don’t feel bad when you make a mistake. we all do
  4. And when you make a mistake, learn from it, correct yourself and move on


I hope you have been inspired by this post. Sometimes, it’s good we look inward to see areas of our lives we need to work on, to becoming better individuals. And when we spot them, we make the necessary adjustment and move on!!

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Joyce Olawunmi

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