Lessons I learned from the Book- 7 Commitments of a Forerunner


In the month of  September, I read the book, 7 Commitments of a Forerunner by Mike Bickle with Brian Kim. The Book gives a detailed description of who a Forerunner is and what their commitment to the propagation of the gospel is in proclaiming the good news of salvation, Preaching Christ Jesus and proclaiming his second coming.

Chapter 1: The Need for this Hour

  1. Forerunners announce the second coming of the lord
  2. A forerunner will need to prepare to receive the mind of God for this hour so that he can effectively proclaim it. He does this by deep study of the word and intense prayers
  3. When the Bible talks of violence, it talks about radical obedience and love for God
  4. We must guard against the Spirit of pride as forerunners of God
  5. The seven commitments of a Forerunner are:
  • Pray daily
  •  Fast weekly
  • Do Justly
  • Give Extravagantly
  • Live Holy
  • Lead diligently
  •  Speak Boldly

Chapter 2: Forerunners Proclaiming the Coming of Jesus

  1. A Forerunner is someone who proclaims the coming of the lord and the events directly related to it
  2. A Forerunner isn’t reserved to a select few but to those who make themselves available to proclaim the coming of the lord
  3. Forerunners live in two time frames- Now and in the future

Chapter 3:  Pray Daily: Connecting With God While Changing The World

  1. A consistent prayer life is not only foundational, but essential to the forerunners ministry
  2. Prayer is not just about a spiritual routine, neither is it just an Avenue to drop our list before God. Rather it is a place where we are energized to grow in love with God
  3. Praying the word of God means having dialogue with God as you encounter his word
  4. Prayers helps us not to get burned out and also to enable us keep flowing in our service of love to people

Chapter 4:  Fast Weekly: Positioning Ourselves To Receive More From God

  1. Fasting is a godly restraint that helps us to be vibrant to receiving from God
  2. When we see fasting, we exchange our weakness for God’s strength
  3. Fasting does 2 work in us:
  • Internal : Change our heart to be conformed to God
  • External : Change situations to conform to the will of God
  1. Fasting is supposed to be a consistent part of our lives

Chapter 5:  Do Justly: Being Zealous For Good Works that exalts Jesus

  1. To do justly is to behave as Jesus will behave. To show love to people as a result of the kind of love we have enjoyed from him
  2. One way God shows he cares for people is through the love we show to others
  3. One way to invoke the justice of God on earth is through prayers
  4. The way to enforce the kingdom of God on earth and do justly is not just by doing charity work. It is first about dealing with the demonic spirit of oppression over people.

Chapter 6- Give Extravagantly: The Joy Of Financial Power Encounters

  1. The only place God asks us to test him is in paying our tithes. Malachi 3: 8
  2. Giving is a way of entering into the joy of financial power encounters in an ongoing way
  3. Tithing is a way of trusting God to meet our needs supernaturally
  4. We must give that which cost us something

Chapter 7- Live Holy: Living Fascinated in the Pleasures of Loving God 

  1. Holiness means living a life that is vibrant for God and people
  2. Holiness is not boredom as some think it to be, instead, it is a preoccupation with the things that interest  God
  3. God is the author of pleasure and created us to enjoy pleasure too. The greatest pleasure for a believer will be God revealing himself to our heart
  4. True holiness is about being fascinated with Knowing God
  5. The 3 principles to living holy:
  • Knowing Truth
  • Resisting Darkness
  • Pursuing God

Chapter 8- Lead Diligently: Taking Initiatives to Minister to Others

  1. Leadership is about taking initiative. When we lead people, we must learn to lead them to Jesus and not to ourselves
  2. Leading people is about seeing a gap to impact people for Jesus, stepping in and filling it
  3. A diligent leader is one who takes initiative in a long-term way

4.While some skills and talents are given as a gift from God from birth, diligence is man’s precious possession that is acquired over time. Diligence is the means by which our God-given skill moves into its fullness

Chapter 9- Speak Boldly: Being a Faithful Witness of the Truth

  1. The call to remain faithful in declaring both negative truths and positive promises is foundational to our role as a messenger of the truth.
  2. Being a faithful witness implies that we speak out of what we have seen in our personal encounters with Jesus and His Word
  3. The point of speaking boldly is not to gain a following as being the only ones who are courageous enough to tell the whole truth, but to help people connect more with Jesus


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