Life is Spiritual

And even though we live in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh, 2nd Corinthians 10:3

Life is spiritual and everything connected to it is spiritual. I remember some years ago when I heard this statement, it didn’t mean so much to me, but looking at the events and occurrences years after, I can gladfully conclude and say, life is spiritual. A lot of times, people allow just anything to happen to them because they are ignorant of this very fact. Many don’t even know that there are two forces actively at work on earth- The Kingdom of God and that of Satan. And these two kingdoms are constantly against each other, contending for the events and outcome of your life at every moment.

This way of living ought not to be so

Interestingly, some people hide under the canopy of the word of faith and don’t take advantage of the power available to them as believers. They try to explain everything out in plain English, speaking plenty of grammar, comparing the Greek and Hebrew definition of words in the bible. Whilst an in-depth understanding of what the scriptures say is important, we must also be reminded that the Kingdom of God is not in mere words of human wisdom, it is in demonstration of  God’s power.  Ist Cor 2:4.

A very practical example is this

If you have noticed a repeated pattern of occurrences in your family, and it is obviously beginning to manifest in your own life, it should send a signal to you, that there is something that needs to be dealt with. And hence you need to engage the spiritual force through kingdom principles. It is not just enough to say that I am a believer, and Jesus has done it all for me. But knowing that you are at an advantage and a covenant child of God means that you need to legislate what God has made available to you.

This year, I encourage you to treat everything about your life as spiritual

Whatever it is you are desiring, be it a change of job, new house, spouse, child or even relocation, don’t just treat it as casual and something that will happen by chance. Engage in spiritual exercises such as Praying, Fasting, Studying  God’s word and in doing this, you will be positioning yourself well to receive all that God has in store for you.

In Conclusion,

Don’t allow life to happen to you by chance, treat everything as spiritual. Put God in the equation in all your dealings, trust his mighty hands at work in your life, and watch him come through for you.




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