Macaulay Babajide Milton shares 35 Lessons he’s learned in 35 Years

In the spirit of my Birthday Eve, I wish to share with you all, 35 lessons I have learnt in 35 years of roaming on Earth 😊😊😊. These lessons have guided me in making well-informed life decisions with very little or no regrets.

Let’s go!

1. Only the freed can save others. You can’t cure a sickness you also suffer from. Endeavour to rescue yourself first, before attempting to rescue others or else none of you will gain freedom.

2. Friends give stability in relationships but only a stranger provides an unexpected positive outcome.

3. You can never change everything but the little you do is everything change requires. No matter how little your contributions are, they may be powerful enough to save a soul. The safety of a single soul is a success to be proud of.

4. Focus on the tripod – talent/knowledge, need/service and grit/determination; there lies your impact, wealth and fulfilment.

5. Learning from other people’s errors or mistakes will save you time; you don’t have to learn from yours.

6. Failure/disappointment can be a blessing. It depends on how you react to it. It can either frustrate you or motivate you – the choice is yours.

7. Every human desire requires self-regulation or it may lead to self destruction.

8. When you have an excellent spirit, even your enemies will recommend you for progress.

9. Be optimistic in life; it helps you create a stream in a desert even before it finally happens in reality.

10. Run away from bitter people, their toxic nature is contagious. Preserve your sanity.

11. Love is like a butterfly, the more you run after it, the more it flies away from you, but if you stay calm, it will come to you.

12. Be patient in life; it is the antidote to undue societal pressure and eventual depression/suicide. Give yourself a second chance.

13. As a budding parent, my unborn kids will not be my retirement plan. They will be my legacies!

14. Collaboration is more profitable than competition. Drop your ego and connect!

15. Grow to the top; don’t go to the top (Zig Ziglar). Those who rush often crush. Relax. If you want to last long, then you must understand the importance of waiting.

16. A valuable network is more important than money.

17. Do not sacrifice integrity at the altar of ambition. Your acclaimed success will always be in question.

18. Intuition is the most reliable advisor. Nurture it with care.

19. The enemy of my friend is NOT my enemy. You will always have enemies in life but do not adopt any. No wise man raises enemies for himself deliberately.

20. Patriotism is not defined by what my country has done for me but by what I can do for my country to ensure that what I enjoyed as a privilege, others can enjoy it as a right.

21. Your mind is a very important natural resource. Guide it from hijackers!

22. As a lecturer/teacher, you are to make learning interesting to all students. You are not to intimidate/bully them by assuming god-like roles.

23. Snail-like movement is still progress. Appreciate the slightest improvement. Celebrate your little wins. They serve as fuel to propel you to the centre of your ultimate goal.

24. Do not replicate yourself in your mentees; help them find their own path.

25. In all your dealings in life, never be an ingrate!

26. If the cost of your ambition will take a toll on the tangible aspects of your life, then it requires an urgent review.

27. You cannot be friends with everyone and your friendship with an individual or a group may not last forever. Understanding that friendship evolves is the first step to successfully navigating all kinds of relationships on Earth without sulking (at least not for long).

28. Sometimes, honesty will put you in trouble, but your conscience will never feel incarcerated. The freedom will be from within.

29. Never stop trying until you win!

30. Success is never sudden. It’s foundation is built brick by brick. It’s growth is cellular and organic. Give yourself a break! Cut yourself some slack!

31. Nobody owes you anything. Don’t be entitled to other people’s resources. Fold your sleeves and get to work. In no time, you will achieve yours.

32. The “devil” you know is NOT better than the “angel” you don’t know, because a “devil” is a “devil” and you will never successfully learn how to handle “him”.

33. If you want to learn how to climb a tree, stop taking advice from a fish.

34. If you die today, the world will mourn you for 24 hours and then move on without you. Therefore, live your life on your own terms.

35. Money is a reward and not a goal. Never get it twisted. The goal should always be focused on a task/action that will EARN you money and not on the money itself.

Macaulay Babjide Milton, fondly called MBM is an Academic, a two- time commonwealth scholar, a three- time Judge for the Queen’s commonwealth Essay Competition, an SDG-4 advocate and an RCS 150 fellow.

He is also the founder of Illumania, an online educational, business and environmental consulting firm. Recently, he was nominated as a Young Global Leader for class 2021 by the World Economic Forum.


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