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When it comes to making decisions, you sure must have experienced one or two challenges before. From not knowing if you are sufficient enough to choose from available  options, to having several thinking sessions on which option to choose from. No doubt, decision making is not always an easy exercise, even for those who may seem to always have life all figured out.

Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities, to not just grow in stature, increase your earnings, become more independent, but also to make hard life decisions and be willing to stick with the outcome. 

For you, it might be making marital decisions, for some, it might be a career, for others, it could even be choosing the next hairstyle to do. (Lol). So this just shows that we all are at different facets of life and are in need of different things at different times. 


So here is what I have learned recently about making decisions;

As we grow and mature, we would always be presented with different options to choose from. Some would seem tough for us, others might come easy. Personally, going through a phase lately and having to make a really tough decision, I have realized and learned the following lessons and I thought to share them with you:

  • When you  have to make a life  decision, never do such in a haste
  • Choose decisions that will have long term rewards over the short term benefits
  • If possible, run your options with others, either a mentor, guardian, colleague, buddy or anyone genuinely interested in your growth
  • Above all, tell everything to God. Carry him along in prayers before settling with a decision.


Please trust yourself when making decisions. No matter how inadequate you may feel when making decisions, follow your guts, have enough belief in yourself and choose what’s best for you. 

We only get better when we keep trying. 

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