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Making Moves When Hope Seems Lost

The story of the 4 lepers in the Bible as accounted for in 2nd Kings chapter 7 teaches us so many lessons on how making moves can greatly impact the kind of result we get. There was a thick famine in the land where these lepers lived, and hence these lepers had no hope of survival. They said to one another “if we enter the enemy’s city, we shall die, if we stay here still we shall die’’. However, if we move into the camp of our enemies, we just might be lucky and get saved. And so they took their chance and approached the enemies’ city. The enemy heard them coming and thought they were some mighty army coming to attack them. They left all they had and ran away, enabling these lepers to come in to plunge their lot. The latter part of the story shows how their singular action brought about their experiencing great abundance, which trickled down to their hometown.

This story teaches us some powerful truths about making moves, even when we think all hope is lost, highlighting the principles of Tenacity, Challenging the status quo, and seeking out opportunities.


These lepers gave it a shot to try their luck by making moves, even when they didn’t know what lay in wait for them. A lot of times, we are waiting for the big clear vision of what lies on the other side before we make moves, but the principle of life seldom works that way. Most of the time, it is as we progress that things get clearer to us.

Challenging the status quo

Another lesson learned from this is that sometimes, we sit down being comfortable with the kind of system we have been using, and things we have been doing all this while, that produce the same kind of result. Since we are conformed to this status quo, we do not see the mistakes we are making, or even improved processes others are leveraging to get better results, simply because we wouldn’t make a move.

Seeking opportunities

These lepers took the bull by the horn and tried their luck. Yes, the saying that opportunities meet with preparation is so true. If the lepers didn’t go to seek out an opportunity, they just may never have experienced abundance. This clearly shows us that opportunities don’t lie in wait, but present themselves to those actively seeking them. It is those who go out to look for these opportunities that end up getting them.

  • I say to you, why sit still and complain about things not working in your life?
  • Why sit still and think yourself out of every opportunity to be great?
  • Why use over-rationalization and self-doubt to cheat yourself out of experiencing greatness in life?

In Conclusion,

If there is something you have once longed for, and desired, it is time to step out and start making moves. Things won’t always seem right, and situations will always make you feel less qualified, but the ability to be able to try, try and try is what builds resilience in us, and enable us to overcome every form of challenge that comes our way.


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