Maryann Nwokolo talks on Brutal Honesty 

I am brutally honest!!

I grew up thinking it was a problem, especially when you come in contact with a sweet person. Let me put some context to what I mean by brutal honesty. I simply mean telling it all as it is.  Looking back now, I know better.

So I thought to share some nuggets with my fellow brutally honest ‘geng’ on how we can do this in style.

1. Let your brutal honesty be sponsored by love and not sheer criticism.

2. Be the first candidate of your brutal honesty. So, be brutally honest with yourself first. After all, the labourer is the first partaker of the fruit.
Have conversations of truth with yourself and relish in the beauty of its sour taste. In fact, brutal honesty with yourself may demand that if you are not certain of the veracity of your opinion on an aspect of your life, you seek external evaluation from a proper source.

3. That a person commenced a speech with “Please be honest with me” does not imply they want your honest opinion. How do you know this? Let precedence guide you and discernment shine the light.

4. Brutal honesty can be communicated constructively and with sensitivity. So let your words be graced and seasoned with salt.

5. Wisdom may demand that you reserve your brutal honesty for your diary chronicles or as Jenifa would say “Diari mi”. Even the preacher in Ecclesiastes submits that there is a time to keep quiet and a time to speak.

Let me say this in passing, if you have a brutally honest child, shutting him/her up would do no good rather, communicate the wisdom on the proper engagement of brutal honesty.
So friends, whether we are communicating virtually or physically, present your truth in style.

Have a productive week.

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