Mastering your emotions, to getting the best of 2020

There has been so much talk about the year 2o20. Needless to say the number of goals and aspiration that many people have written. For some, it is to get a new job, switch roles, get married or even give birth to children. Whatever your wish is this year, I want you to believe that it will surely come to pass in due time this year.

One of the very things I have noticed that plays out each year is that even after having all these aspirations and dreams at the beginning of the year, many end up feeling unduly pressured and incapacitated to do these aspirations during the year.  To read more about what it feels to unduly pressured,  please read this post here.

But then, that’s not the way to approach the year 2020

The best way to approach the year is with faith-filled in your heart and a  strong desire to achieve your aspirations. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be times you will feel like giving up, or even think like that you are doing isn’t meaningful. But I want you to realise that you if you really want to achieve your aspirations this year, you must be able to master your emotions and live above it.

I remember having a discussion with a very influential person some days ago, asking him about how he is able to do all the things he does. Paraphrasing his response, he said ”Realities are very different from our emotions”. This simply means that how you feel per time isn’t the truth about the realities of what our circumstances are per time.

I have come to realise that most of the times what hinders people from experiencing the best of life is because they have varying feelings that hold them back from reaching for what they should.

See what I wrote on my facebook wall some days ago

One of the things to do this year is to be emotionally stable.

To do this, consciously get past unnecessary emotions such as crushing, hatred, beef, and truly connect with people who will be beneficial to your life and journey through the year.

You really don’t know how much you will enjoy if you did this.


Some of the ways you can master your emotions and achieve all your goals this year include:

  1. Apply for that job even when you don’t feel like doing it
  2. Strike up that conversation and connect with that person
  3. Open up tat business venture n matter how unqualified you feel for it
  4. Start writing that book, even if it means just you can just write a few lines now

In conclusion

As you go into this year, be reminded that whatever you set out to achieve is possible and you have a role to play in it. So, therefore, master your emotions, do what needs to be done, and achieve your best goals.

Cheers to a fulfilling 2020.



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