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Meet Ayo Asiribo, the Project Director of Layoveth Empire

Today, I am extremely excited to interview Ayo Asiribo, the Project Director of Layoveth Empire. Layoveth Empire is an intercontinental innovative project and manufacturer company,  that specializes in creating sophisticated designs,  manufacture, fabrication, renting and installation of mobile Marquee tents. They have a mission to be the world class icon and creative company in Space management across Africa and beyond.

In this post, we get to learn a bit about the services Layoveth Empire renders, and I can tell you, it is really enlightening and inspiring. Hey, dive in and continue reading this interview……


 Can we meet you?

My name is Ayo Asiribo. I am the  Project Director for Layoveth Empire.

What industry will you categorize your business into?

Oh, that will be Design and Construction of Marquee Tent.


How did you get the idea or concept of going into this type of business?

I got the idea of manufacturing Marquee and party tent from my former job as an Event Planner and manager some years back.

Can you tell us about Layoveth Empire?

Layoveth Empire is one of the leading Marquee tent manufacturers in Nigeria. We are best known for stylish and spacious tents for every outdoor occasion.

We supply all sizes and shapes of marquee tents in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria. We are a one-stop shop for exhibition tent, party tent, arcum tent, double-decker tent, and church tent.

Who is your target client?

Our target client is everyone with a budget who needs a Marquee tent. We meet the needs of SMEs, Large corporation, Individuals that enjoys partying (yeah we have party tent for them. Even wedding tents), and NGOs (Mostly Church, Seminar and Exhibition tent).

Wow, that’s quite interesting. That means you work with event planners and all.

Can you tell us some events and places  where your Marquee tent has been used?

We have worked with quite a number of clients, Cooperate, Private organizations, Federal and State government. Here are some clients we have worked with:

  • Nigeria defence Academy Cadet worship center Kaduna
  • Plateau state government refugee tent
  • Holy Ghost tabernacle church headquarter, Port Harcourt
  • Transformation Church, Port Harcourt
  • Kingsway International Christian Center,  Ikorodu Lagos
  • R.C.C.G gateway Church  Ogun state
  • Airtel Nigeria, Lagos
  • Globe Changer Church International, Abuja
  • Marvelous Event Center Uyo, and many more.

What is the prerequisite for having a Marquee tent?

All you need is space that matches the size of the marquee tent you have in mind in meters or whatever dimension you are comfortable with. We can help with constructing the foundation where the tent will sit or use an existing one you have.


Wowww, this sounds very interesting. So anyone can get a Marquee tent from you regardless of having a background knowledge of space management.

Do you also run consulting services to clients who you erect the tents for?

Yes, we do. We run consulting services on how to maintain and clean the tent also what to do when the tent is getting old.


Can you highlight the various kind of marquee tent Layoveth Empire manufactures?

Sure. We have the Arcum tent, Church Tent, Exhibition Tent, Party Tent, Branded Tent. Alpine tent just to mention a few. What actually gives us an edge in the market is the ability of our professional engineers to be able to bring to live whatever design client have in mind.

How open is your business to the public?

We are readily available to all our client. You can access our website by clicking through this link. You can also contact us by sending a mail to, or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms:

Facebook handle:

Twitter Handle:



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