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Meet the Entrepreneur: Clementina Busayo, CEO Gloriouswills Ushering

Have you been to a party before and had some very courteous people, nicely dressed attend to your needs? Do you know who they are and what they do? Not to worry, you will get to know them shortly.


In this post, we had an opportunity to meet with the CEO of Glorious Wills Ushering, and she will be telling us a lot about Professional Ushering, whay it means  and the dynamics of running this kind of business sucessfully. Lets meet with her….

Can we meet you?

I’m Clementina Busayo . A Business Growth Strategist at Madebyclementina and Usherpreneur at Gloriouswills Ushering Services. I  love to visit places, meet people, I am learning to speak French and I am  enthusiastic about financial education.


What’s your line of business?

My line is of business is Ushering services and Business growth. As an individual who had to figure out the business of ushering while working a full-time job, I started MADEBYCLEMENTINA to help burnt-out professionals strategically and safely build a profitable business while working 9 to 5.

Gloriouswills Ushering services exists to teach the business of ushering service, train ushers to be professional and profitable , Provide Ushering service for social and corporate events .

How did you get the idea of starting your business?

Working in a large office at one of Nigeria’s leading bank gave me a first hand experience of how people who are passionate about a course, wanting to impact others, starting or growing their business become overwhelmed and are unable to harness and leverage their existing job to pursue their profitable idea hence the birth of MADEBYCLEMENTINA since I have been able to run my ushering business  (  Gloriouswills Ushering Services) which was inspired upon listening to a message while attending church service. She has since existed to impact young male and female individuals.


What’s the concept of Usherpreneurship?

Usherpreneurship is all about understanding the components that makes an Ushering business successful. There are three major components of the concept of Usherpreneurship. One is the business of ushering this includes business and legal structures i.e. registration,  contracts etc. The second part is team building, management where you train ushers about hospitality, customer centricity, Personal grooming and more. The third and not least is Customer acquisition, Retention and growth because it’s said that the life blood of any business is her customers. That’s what we are about at Gloriouswills Ushering Services hence the reason for the title Usherpreneur.


Describe the services of  Gloriouswills Ushering Services & how can you be contacted

Gloriouswills Ushering Services is open to clients within and outside Nigeria. We have cross-country teams of male and female ushers, we also provide ushering business consultancy, Cheerleading & Hype squad services and Bridal Shower Coordination. You can reach to us through our website by clicking this  link  or send us an email at


Tell us about the solution you provide via Madebyclementina?

The purpose  of MADEBYCLEMENTINA is to help burnt-out professionals build a profitable business.  The solution provided by this brand is to help full-time workers ditch overwhelm, gain clarity about what they would like to pursue for impact, purpose and profit and get results leveraging either their earnings, opportunities or exposure to build a profitable business. So, MADEBYCLEMENTINA provides one-on-one consultation for this purpose.

What will you tell someone who is overwhelmed but would like to start a business?

It’s okay to shut out social media, mobile devices etc. Take the time off for retreat to pray and rest. Les Brown said and I quote ‘ You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great’.  Take yourself seriously!  Should you need to talk to someone about your business, kindly book a FREE session here with me.  It will be my pleasure to have you connect on Instagram at @Clementina.busayo , on Facebook @Gloriouswills Ushering services.

Thank you for the opportunity


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