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meet the entrepreneur- fashion
meet the entrepreneur- fashion

Silver Nweke is a Psychologist by degree and a creative director by passion. Her love for fashion led her to start her fashion business- Versatile couture right from when she was an undergraduate at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. In our series- Meet the Entrepreneur, we had the rare privilege of interviewing her. In this post, she shares on her entrepreneurial journey so far, how she started and what keeps her going. Her responses are eye catchy, and straight to the point. Hey, read our discourse below and be inspired!!

Can we meet you?

My name is Nweke Ezinne Silver. I am the creative director and CEO of Versatile Couture.

What’s your line of business?

I am a fashion designer.

How did you get the idea or concept of your business?

It was God-given; sponsored by the Holy Spirit. As a child, I have always been conscious of my choice of wears. I had a good taste in fashion, but the consciousness of it came out in my late teens.

When did you start your business and how long have you been in operation?

I started the business in 2014 while still an undergraduate; I did the business part-time. I would say I have been in business for two years, counting from when it became a full-time job.  

What are the greatest challenges you encounter running your business? How do you overcome them?

There are lots of challenges faced generally by business owners in this country, but I would like to narrow it down to a few.

  1. Electricity: for the smooth running of a fashion business, electricity is a major factor. Without electricity, one cannot effectively produce garments.
  2. Resources: Some of the machines required to run the production of garments are capital intensive. As technology evolves every day so is the need to upgrade.
  3. Fake accessories and fabrics: Zips are the commonest accessory needed for a garment, but a lot of zips in the market don’t stand the test of time, some even wear out while in the process of finishing the garment.
  4. Humans: Some people are just going to frustrate you for no good reason.  They come in form of staffs and customers.

I won’t say I have overcome these challenges, but I can say I have nipped them in the bud by;

  1. I have a generator to make up for the power issue.
  2. I  purchase and upgrade my tools one at a time at a cool pace.
  3. I double check zips before buying them, I also test fabrics for authenticity before purchase.
  4. I have a degree in psychology and that helps me to deal with the human challenge.

What keeps you going despite the challenges?

What keeps me going really is the Vision.  I have had many reasons to quit, but I remember the vision, I remember I was made for this, I dust myself up and keep going.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful Entrepreneur in your line of business?

The top three skills are;

  1. Creative imagination
  2. Sketching
  3. Tailoring

Who are the people you look up to in your line of business?

Lanre Ajayi Da-Silva, Michael Kors,  Zac Posen to mention a few.

What’s the most inspiring thing you will tell someone who wants to venture into your line of business?

People would try to ridicule your talents and abilities, you have to protect and guard it vehemently. Produce results and you will shut them up. 

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years from now?

In the next five (5) years, I see myself a household name in the fashion industry.


I trust you have been inspired by this post. To link up with Silver, please visit her IG page: @versatilecouture, @versatilesgallery, and on Facebook: Nweke Ezinne Silver


PS: All images contained in this post are the original design and creativity of Silver Nweke. Happy viewing




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