My name is Ada, and this is my story

my name is Ada
my name is Ada

And so my name is Ada
The ever-smiling one, whose face beams light
For others to see and be comforted
My duties aren’t so many
But this one of hope I must carry out  so well


My name is Ada
I hadn’t the slightest idea of what adulthood will bring to me
or the many sibling’s responsibilities that come with it
I did think that sending children to school  was all Momma’s and Poppa’s responsibilities
But, lo I was wrong to think so


Sister Ada, we’ve got handouts to buy
The challenges of school work are enormous
We need a place to sleep
And plenty of pocket money to eat


These are kind of messages I get every now and then
From siblings far and near
I know I have passed through the school system at some point
But now I have a second ”me” who is about to do the same
And I must provide the necessary guidance needed


Ada is my name
Ever since I started working
My salary has never always been mine
I have always shared it in equal ratios
To all duly appointed beneficiaries
Who am I to complain?
I came in as the first girl child anyways


I haven’t only been  the girl, Ada
I have always acted as a mother in all respect
I realize that just beyond the civic responsibilities that come with my name
My nurturing abilities as a mother is been developed alongside


So Ada is me, and I am Ada
I tend for everyone just as my mother would do
I call and check up to make sure everyone is alright
I plan the schedule of what’s next on the list
I work hard not for myself alone
But the many dependencies that are attached to me


Ada might just need a lover
A supporting shoulder to lean on
Maybe a friend, maybe a partner
In the nearest tomorrow or now
To hear me out at times when I need to give answers and I don’t have any
Or when I need to talk to someone about the deep pains I feel inside


Ada is and will always be my name
For this is my fair share of destiny
And as I journey through this part of life
I will always live to remember
That Ada is not just a name my dear mother gave me
But a designation I must uphold in truth

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Joyce Olawunmi

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