My take home lesson from UCL 2018 finals

I am not so much a fan of football, but I am taking a cue from my personal development journey to get updated on events around me, and so I watched UCL 2018 finals on Saturday. The match was the talk of the town, everyone was counting down to 7.45pm and though I didn’t support any team in particular, I made myself ready to watch the match too.

The match started on a good note with each team playing so well (according to what I watched) and try to score a goal. I think the reason I don’t watch football is my inability to handle the pressure that comes from seeing a team I support not win (Football coaches are super humans).

So, it was the 30th minute into the match and the key player of one of the teams had an injury and so had to leave the field. Some say it was an intentional act by the opponent to de-stabilize the other team, I just kept quiet watching, not knowing how to contribute to the matter.

2nd HALF
It was the 58th minute into the match. The winning team made a substitution and brought in one of their key players. Barely 4 minutes after he entered the pitch, had he scored the second goal? Again in the 64th minute, he added another goal to make the score line 3-1. It was like magic to me! He came into the field and in less than 30 minutes scored 2 remarkable goals. I choose to believe scoring a goal isn’t a game of luck, else, the world best player in the team would have equally scored a goal, as he had many chances (not mentioning names).

The match ended with many people having personal discussion on what happened,  from the star player that got injured, to the goal keeper that concede 3 goals (Judas-is-karius) that’s the highlight of the football for me.

The striking thing I learned from watching was the magic the substitute player made on the match.

And this came to my thought:
Playing football isn’t about knowing how to kick a ball well or even dribble your way on the field, it is about deploying the right strategy to winning. This is life lesson!

You cannot live life the way it comes, no matter how excellent you think you are, you constantly need to apply the right strategies to winning. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines strategy as the art of devising or employing plans towards a goal. It’s about knowing what to do, how to do and why to do a thing. To understand how to deploy a winning strategy to life, you can read my previous post on strategy.





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  • Wow, nice article JOYCE, the way you analyzed it here, is as if you had been into football for some time. The word ‘strategy’ is key in football, a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. Both teams has intention to go home with the cup, in football error’s are meant to occur and the opponent must take advantage of it. Strategy is key in life. Thanks Lawumi.

    • Thanks for reading and dropping a comment, the football world is a dynamic space with lots of lessons to be learned.

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