No matter what, don’t put your life on hold

don't put your life on hold
don't put your life on hold

This is my short message today, don’t put your life on hold no matter what you are going through.

Often times, it seems so natural for us to want to give up when we experience difficulties, this may occur when we have reached our bearing point and we think we just can’t continue a step further. Usually, for most of us, what we don’t want to agree with ourselves is that we are having a bad time, but our actions communicate things differently.

From experience and discussions with people, I realise that one of the things that happen in this state is that people naturally stop all the purpose driven things they used to do, all the self-development activities and just sit at a corner allowing life pass through them, as they say, ”Time heals wounds”. 

But is this always true?

There is another side to this. Whilst our emotions can make us feel like all the energy we have channelled in the past was all a waste, it is still not enough reasons for us to back out of these self-development activities and stop doing them.

Although from time to time, it is good to have some self-reflection, times to cool off, relax and refresh, I call these honeymoon experiences, but afterwards, it’s good we pick up our lives all over again. You just might not know how important those personal regimes, self-discipline has been to your personal growth, but stopping to do them after sometime will surely show in your life by giving you a stunted growth.


I really understand how it feels to experience a setback in life, or to even hit the hard rock of failure, but still, I am still encouraging you don’t put your life on hold!

To do so, these things will help you:

Ride against the wind

By this, I mean that do things against the odd. Most times, what keeps people feeling depressed is that they pay so much attention to their emotions and invariably allow it to control how they live their lives. To keep moving on in life after a setback, move past your emotions, do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel.


Spice up your Routine

I remember when I put up on my Facebook wall, things to do to spice up your daily routine. Here is what I shared:

You know one very boring thing to do is to keep doing the same thing repeatedly, every day, the same old way.

Hey, add some spice to your daily routine:

1. Try out a new route

2. Listen to a new genre of song

3. Strike up a conversation with someone


After going through some tough times, it’s time to try new things, do things that you have never done before, do things that will even amuse you. You are simply dealing with negative emotions and living your best life.


Dont worry, Live Happy

You know happiness is a state of the mind right? and its also a choice to make? This is the best remedy for living. The moment you choose happiness over whatever circumstances or situations you find yourself, you will realise that you are actually more energised to keep taking those steps into living your dreams and achieving your life goals. Happiness makes everything else work!

In conclusion

Whatever situation you are going through now is only a phase and will soon pass. For this reason, don’t put your life on hold, keep moving, keep thriving, and keep living your best life…

Do you need to speak to someone to unburden how you feel? I will be here to listen:   Reach out to me via mail: I would be most willing to offer a good listening ear.





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    • You are very right.

      We can always rise above any limitation. We sure need enough will power to do this.

      Thanks for stopping by to read and drop a comment


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