Our experiences is never a waste

Studying the book of Luke gives a beautiful account of the life and ministry of Jesus and those that sojourned with him at that time. Of them all, Peter caught my attention.

Here is Peter, a Fisherman whom Jesus asked to cast his net and even if he had toiled all night and caught nothing,  had a net-breaking fish captured at the master’s instruction 

This same Peter, whose mother-in-law was sick with fever witnessed first-hand her healing by the Master Jesus 

This same Peter had a revelation of who Jesus is,  the Son of the living God,  even when others assumed him to be a prophet

This same Peter who zealously cut off the servant of the High priest’s ear but witnessed Jesus miraculously heal him

This same Peter who zealously said, I will never deny you but did so three times in one night and yet God did not condemn him

All these experiences must surely have reinforced Peter’s belief in Jesus, he saw him, looked on him, and handled the Word of Life, as accounted for in Ist John 1.

This is Peter’s experience. 

We also have similar experiences today. The times we needed a miracle and God came through, the times we needed salvation and God saved us,  the time we needed direction and God led us… These are our peculiar and personal experiences with God. 

In Conclusion

This tells us that no matter what comes our way, no matter what we face, we can always reference the past and recall how God has walked with us and showed himself. Our experiences are never out of place, they tell of our unique account with Jesus.

And hence, should bring us to a place of strong conviction, that regardless of what we face, we know whom we have believed in, we know nothing can separate us from his love and we are assured that he has the best plans for us. 



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