Perception, More and All There is to Life

I have often heard of this analogy of a half  glass of water as either half filled or half empty, depending on the description given by the narrator. Meaning that 2 people  gazing at the same thing  can give entirely different  views to it.


The beauty of life  often lies in our different perception. Perception is key, but it is also dependent on individual view. One thing I have come to know about Perception is that we all judge matters based on our Perception, which sometimes might not be right.


A little throwback 

While we were much younger, we often attributed success to those who always topped the class in Mathematics, and other science subjects. But I think we now know better as other non- science fields have also produced great individuals, Art, Commerce  etc


Another thing about perception is that most people live based on other people’s perception of them, what others have always thought of them, their capabilities  and height they will ever amount to.


You cannot have the right perception of yourself if you don’t know who you really arem.  Having the right perception of Yourself starts with a well grounded self identity. Who you are, your limitations, abilities, weakness and even strength. It helps you to be true to yourself.


A lot of people do not know who they are, they do not perceive themselves correctly. They allow situations around them to form a judgement of who they are. This ought not to be so.


You are not your mistakes, failure or even successes. You are who you are, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Knowing and embracing this truth will really help you live your life to the fullest.


And even on the days when you receive all the Accolades, you will be quick not to allow such wins define you, or place a limit to what you can achieve in life. There is sure always a greater height you can and should aspire to, because you know that you have the inherent abilities to become more at each time.


Perceive yourself correctly, don’t lower your standard because  you are trying to fit into some circle. In this life, some people will like you, and others might not. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion, that doesn’t change who you  should see yourself as.


If you are at a point in your life right now where you don’t seem to like the direction with which you  life is headed, you can always make a decision to change it.


Do not bear a name that isn’t yours and do not  settle for less than your fullest potential. Work hard, develop yourself, evolve and be the best version  of yourself.


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