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Making Moves, 5 Profitable Businesses to Run in 2023

Have you ever had a photoshoot session before? What was the process like? Did you enjoy it or were you stressed out?

Recently, I was just thinking about the last time I had a photoshoot session. It really has been a while. How about you? No doubt, a photoshoot session takes a lot of time and energy. The process of changing into different outfits, posing differently, my God, the stress is not small. But the good thing is that when the pictures come, it brings a new form of joy, and excitement at the magic that has been created. 


Do you know that our lives, goals, and aspirations are like the process of having a photoshoot session? Sometimes while working on a vision, burning a midnight candle, or taking the steps to do one more thing with that idea, the process might be so tiring and look very unexciting.


But it is these processes that bring about the beautiful picture formation in the end

And this makes us understand as individuals the importance of sticking to the process on the days we feel like or don’t feel like doing anything. We know, that these processes are only a means to an end.


The honest truth is that most times, it is as we take a simple step daily during these processes that:

  • Things get clearer to us
  • We get the necessary help from people 
  • Our ideas become refined

But if we sit down and do not make moves, waiting for the picture-perfect idea and timing, we will miss out on both the process of creating magic and the end goal of our desire.


So today, I am encouraging you to pick up that idea you have again and start doing something about it. Do not keep waiting to have the full manuscript to run with, as there is no better time to start than now.


In Conclusion,

My Mentor, Dr. Chimezie Uche, a Tony Elumelu Foundation mentor, and a renowned business growth strategist of over 10 years wrote a short ebook on 5  successful businesses you can start with right now, even while running a 9-5 job. And guess what? He is willing to work with you to launch and grow that profitable business idea. Just get a copy of his book through this link to connect further with him.





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