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Remembering 2022 With Gratitude

If I asked you to describe the year 2022 in one word, what would it be? I had thought deeply about answering this question myself and I could say, “2022 was such a year”. One of triumph, new strides, learning, relationship strengthening and  shedding off so much. No doubt, a lot happened during the year, and you just may be feeling like another year has rolled by again.


But you know what?

There is so much out of 2022 to be grateful for. So many times, what we need to do is to reflect back to how we started the year and where we are now. If you do this. you will be sincere to know and say that you grew, changed your mindsets, met new people, became strengthened and even took some bold leaps.  This is how I would encourage you to remember the year. Simply put, by being thankful for the year. 


No doubt, there could have been some mistakes you made during the year and outcomes you didn’t like. But then, these things should serve as a learning curve for us to make better decisions going forward. So instead of sitting down and blaming the decisions you took that didn’t turn out well, channel your energy with a heart of gratitude to look at the better way that mistakes taught you to do things. 

Personally, I made a big mistake with a decision I made during the year, in which I had to sit back and think about how to make better decisions in that area going forward. What helped me afterward was reading books to enlighten me and speaking to people knowledgeable in that area to hence guide my decision-making process. 

You and I have the bright year 2023 ahead of us, and regardless of how much we have achieved in the past year, or the failures we might have experienced, we have another opportunity to right the wrongs and do much more with our lives.


But you know, the first steps start with these:

  • Looking through 2022 and critically evaluating it 
  • Picking your lessons learned from it
  • Strategically planning towards becoming a better you
  • Letting go of self-limiting mindsets and beliefs 


In Conclusion, 

While reflecting on 2022, do so with a heart of gratitude, and appreciation to God. Be thankful to have experienced 2022, for each experience during the year brought with it opportunities for growth, learning and becoming better.

By doing this, we will be energized to channel our energy correctly to make the coming year a better one, and this is what gratitude brings to us. 

I pray that as we prepare for 2023 together, God will help and make it a great year for us.

Thank you for being a huge part of my 2022. I look forward to the beautiful year 2023 with you.


With Love, 

Joyce Olawunmi 


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