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Review of the Book- The 10X Rule Authored by Grant Cardone

The 10X by Grant Cardone is a book I will recommend to anyone who is consciously interested in living their dream life. The 10X rule talks about how you can be more, do more by operating on a certain level that guarantees success and is maintained throughout your life and career. This rule is a discipline and not an education or a special skill neither does it require some specialized personality trait for it to work.

In this post, I will be sharing lessons I learned from each chapter of the book:

Chapter 1: What is the 10X rule

In other to get to the level that you want to be, you must be able to act in a wildly different way that you have been used to. The 10X rule talks about doing things 10X better and bigger the norm. It means you are challenging yourself to do 10 X better and also, upgrading your mind to think 10 X bigger to conceive and achieve the kind of things you want.

Whilst others can have an opinion of your success level, you alone can truly tell if what you did is extraordinary or just the norm you are used to. The kind of energy that sustained you yesterday won’t be sufficient for today. You need to step higher to garner more energy to achieve goals of the next level. In addition, it is not just enough to get success, you must be able to multiply it.

Chapter 2: Why the 10X Rule is Vital

If you want to achieve success, you must be able to increase your efforts and not your excuses. It is not just enough to have a snaking idea to launch out, you need to always calculate and estimate the amount of energy and resources that you will need to get the ball rolling. If you are ready to give in the right energy to it, things will begin to respond in your favor. The More actions you take, the greater your chances of getting lucky.

Chapter 3: What is Success?

You define success based on the level you are in life. To truly have success you need to have the right mindset and approach to success and view it as: Important, Your duty and as something that isn’t limited in supply.

Winning over and over at the things you do makes you successful and also confident in yourself. Success has a way of elevating you to a level where you lead other people. Success is tangible results.

Chapter 4: Success is your duty

Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility and that’s why you need to approach it squarely. Achieving a greater level of success is a must not just for your individual self but for the people attached to you. The reason why successful people keep getting some form of luck over others is that they keep connecting with the right set of people, positioning themselves in the right atmosphere and doing the right things.

Chapter 5: There is no shortage of Success

Success is not limited to a number of people, neither does your success in any way affect the success of others. You can have as much as you want but to do this, you must get over the shortage mentality to be able to create success.

Chapter 6: Assume Control for Everything

If you want to succeed, you must be ready to take big actions. Taking big actions requires that you take responsibility and not suck up giving excuses. Taking responsibility means that you own up to the events of your life and not put the blame on someone else. The 10X rule talks about massive action taken consistently over time.

As an individual who wants to create success, do not ever play the victim card in any situation, always rise above unpleasant situations and create the kind of life you truly want. And also note that Success isn’t just a journey, it is a state, constant or otherwise where you have control and responsibility.

Chapter 7: The Four Degrees of Action

There are 3 levels of taking action:

  • Do Nothing: The giving up zone. This is a quadrant for failure. In this zone, people capitalize their energy on doing things that don’t count and matter to achieving more in life. They expend energy and time explaining away failure etc
    • Retreat: This is the play safe zone. Based on past experiences, people don’t want to take further steps so they don’t get hurt or fail
    Take normal levels of action: This is the steady average kind of life. Not pushing forward or trying to outdo your former self
    • Take massive action: This produces exceptional results. There is never anything like overdoing or overtaking actions

The people that achieve exceptional results do not retire when they get tired or fail. They recharge and continue taking actions and this is what makes them successful. Successful people build their lives by taking massive actions consistently over time. This is how they form healthy habits

The first goal for creating a successful business is to get your product and service noticed. Do not play in obscurity and this comes by you taking massive actions. There are days you will get the NO’s, but what you are doing is signaling your name, product and brand before people.

Chapter 8: Average is a failing formula

Any undertaking built on average work and maintain at such level will fail sooner or later. To go beyond average, you must make plans for unforeseen events, competitions and that’s why your plan must be well thought out and put in place.

Chapter 9: 10X Goals

You need to make your goals big enough to grab your attention. The things your life depends on isn’t just things you do once in a while, but things we do daily, consistently to be better or reach our goals.

Average goal setting will never yield 10X results. If your goals are things you can do easily so why not just do them instead of setting them as a goal you aim to achieve? The right approach will be when setting a goal, tie it to greater purpose.

Chapter 10: Competition is for Sissies

Forward thinkers don’t copy or compete. They create, they are original. To operate at 10X Rule, always think Domination in your space. It’s your responsibility to use what you have to get noticed in your space. A lot of big players are already in your field, so what are you going to do differently?

The 10X rules says- Do what others are not doing, go where others are not going, create what others are not creating. This requires a higher level of activity and creativity.

Chapter 11: Break out of the Middle Class

The middle class mentality is one that says I just have a enough. They don’t try to go over aboard. And when there is major crash, they fall below to lower level of living. If you do just enough, you will get just enough kind of result

Chapter 12: Obsession isn’t a disease, it is a gift

To become successful, your thoughts must be obsessed with success. It isn’t going to be a one off thing, but something you are consistently thinking about all the time to the extent that people know you with your thoughts. Not until you are obsessed with your goal and vision, no one will buy into it.

When you start becoming obsessed with your goals, it will become so evident that people will begin to tell you that it is abnormal to do so. Paying attention to what they say will make you drop down to an average level. What you should rather do is to fan to flames the more your obsession with your goal

Chapter 13: Go all in and Over commit

There is actually no limit to how much action you can take. It is first a mindset thing. So also, there is no failure unless you quit. That’s how to approach life having a win-win mentality.

The goal to running successful business should be to close deals, achieve substantial results and not merely get noticed. This kind of success comes by going all out on your vision. There can never be a shortage of ideas or concept. Our creative juice can always be flowing if we gave it more attention, challenge ourselves by going all out.  If you are not facing new problems, it means you are not taking enough actions.  Over commit and over deliver- That’s the 10X rule about engagement.

Chapter 14 – Expand – Never Contract

Think expansion when others and circumstances aren’t looking so favorable. But before you expand, make sure you have a well detailed plan of action. Repeated attacks over a long period will always be successful. You must never allow external factors to dictate the way you respond to things. You must be fearless and dauntless always acting in the defensive direction.

Chapter 15- Burn the Pace down

After taking action and getting victories, it isn’t the time for you to retreat. You must keep taking actions because success demands continuous attention. Burn so hot that your house will keep burning with ideas, creativity and obstacles on your way will equally burn out.

Being over exposed is a concept that means people know so much about you and your product. The unfounded fear about this is that what if I fail the name I have built? It is better to be known than to be in obscurity. Build a catalogue of taking actions that people will know you for.

Chapter 16- Fear is a Great indicator

The 10X Rule says you should separate and distinguish yourself from everyone in the market. Fear is an emotion and not real. It is a scapegoat people use to prevent them from taking action. When you start to feel fear, it is an indication that you are doing something right and there is much more you can achieve.

When you stop feeling afraid, you should get worried. It means you aren’t challenging yourself enough or reaching for more. The right approach to fear is to starve it of time. Meaning the moment you begin to feel afraid, that’s the moment you launch out to take massive action the “Do it Now” principle. If you are not experiencing fear, it means you are not taking new actions and growing

Chapter 17- The Myth of Time Management

A good structure to put in place for utilizing time rightly is to prioritize well. The way to increase time and make it work in your favor is to get more done with time. If you do not manage your time, you will waste it. Fulfilment comes from utilizing your time and energy and this will require every bit of your time and how you control it.

Chapter 18- Criticism is a sign of success

Criticism is a natural follow back from taking massive actions and getting result. When you start taking 10X actions, one category of people who will be quick to criticizing you are those who aren’t taking action enough.

When you start getting attention, you will attract:

  •  Those who admire what you do
  • Those who want to learn from you
  • Those who envy you

Winners study successful people and duplicate what they are doing. When people start criticizing you for doing 10X effort, it isn’t the time to retest or slow down. Continue at that pace.

Chapter 19- Customer satisfaction is the wrong target

Whilst customer satisfaction is very important, acquiring customers in the first place is very paramount and this is where the 10X Rule plays. It takes lot of your skill, talent, tenacity to be able to acquire customers. Seek quantity, seek expansion as a business owner. Complaints from customers are feedbacks that shows you the loophole you need to work on.

Chapter 20: Omnipresence

You need to think of making your business presence everywhere. Put yourself in the minds of people. Unless people know who you are, they will not pay attention to what you represent. To leave your name and footprint in the heart of people, you must keep doing things that will get people’s attention to you

Chapter 21: Excuses

Excuses are never what stops us from taking action but what we tell ourselves to make us feel good when we under preform. It’s best you find the reason behind the excuse and deal with it and not the excuse in itself. Excuses will never do you good. If you make success an option, it will never be an option for you. Success is rather a priority. Excuses are very plentiful and hence don’t have value.

Chapter 22: Successful or Unsuccessful

Success is not a closed book expo, it is something you can learn and develop. What makes for success is not dependent on your background, education or even demography. Successful people think and act in certain ways. They also have habits they develop and master over time
The right attitudes of successful people are:

  • A Can do attitude: This requires seeing possibilities of solution always. This usually requires some hard and more work
  • I will figure it out: The ability to go beyond board to find a solution. This talks about problem solving skill
  • Focus on opportunities: Embedded in every problem is an opportunity for success
  • Love Challenges: Success begets success, loses begets loses. Challenges helps us to grow
  • Seek to solve problems: Solving a problem is what gives you sucess and makes you influential
  • Persist until success: Persistence is a skill that must be developed. No one was born with it anyway
  • Take Risks: You have to give something to get something
  • Be Unreasonable: The unreasonable ones are the ones who make a difference in the world
  • Be Dangerous: To do something big, you have to embrace danger but do this with enough training
  • Create Wealth: Think of ways to create wealth through your products and service and not just to save it
  • Readily take action: The successful people have been taking massive action even when no one sees. Taking action enhances your chances of success
  • Always say yes: Saying yes is staying on positivity and given yourself the opportunity of stretch more and get the job done
  • Habitually commit: Commit yourself to taking actions and not just wanting to take action
  • Go all the way: Don’t accept excuses, go all out
  • Focus on Now: You must not focus on the past. Successful people focus on now and the future
  • Demonstrate Courage: Courage is built as a result of taking action. It is facing fear and challenging it in the face
  • Embrace change: Always look for ways to improve and get better. Never stay at the same spot
  • Determine and take the right approach: Work smart and not just hard. Develop and utilize strategies that helps you get the job done faster and better
  • Break Traditional Ideas: Challenge the status quo
  • Be Goal- Oriented: Set specific goals to always aim at
  • Be on a Mission: Approach life as a mission to be accomplished
  • Have a high level of motivation: Motivation is what you do each day to stimulate yourself to take action
  • Be interested in results: Don’t dwell on the amount of energy expended but the results you got afterwards
  • Have big goals and dreams: Dream big, surround yourself with things and people that makes you think big
  • Create your own reality: Do not dwell on other people’s reality. Create what you think is possible
  • Commit first, figure out later: Take actions from right now. You will figure out many other things along the way as you go
  • Be Highly ethical: Any disparity between what you can do and what you are achieving is termed unethical. Don’t rub yourself or the world of your true potential
  • Be interested in the group: Work in a team of highly motivated people who take actions. Also spur your team members to take action too
  • Be dedicated to continuous learning: Commit to continuous learning
  • Be Uncomfortable: Comfort is the bedrock of status quo, normal life
  • Reach up in relationships: The way to grow up is to interact with people better, smatter and more successful than you
  • Be disciplined: Choose and commit to constructive habits that will get you results

Chapter 23: Getting started with 10X

It’s your responsibility to preserve your idea from those who will pull it down or discourage you. Successful people keep their eyes on the target regardless of the difficulties. To make it big in life, people need to trust you to deliver Always be prepared for success so you can grab the opportunity when they come your way. Courage is created through actions.

In Conclusion

I trust you have learned so much reading excerpts from the book- 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. To purchase a copy of this book, do visit www.yourbookshopper online book store.


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