Scheduling your time to living a more productive life

DDK talked to us about Scheduling our time better today. See, I won’t even leave too wondering what this is, I will tell you all about it.

Over the past few days, I have been participating in this Self- Development online coaching called Activation Intensive that will run for 21 days. This is entirely the brain work of Coach Debola- Deji Kurunmi fondly called DDK.

At Activation Intensive,

DDK daily shares freely with us life principles that doesn’t just show us how to live a better life, but guides us through the process of doing so.

If you truly need a mental upgrade and want to  live the life of your dreams, please join this course as it isn’t too late to do so. Register here

Back to my gist on scheduling your time, I learned the following:

  •  Schedule is a time management tool that helps us become productive
  • The goal of scheduling is to plan what you want to achieve on a daily basis
  • Scheduling empowers us to crash our goals
  • Scheduling helps us not to become busy doing nothing which is very common for most people
  • It also helps us cut out unnecessary things that don’t matter to us.
  • Scheduling first starts with having a goal we want to achieve

DDK says, we often commit to things that aren’t of much value to us because we don’t schedule and if we want to achieve our goals, and live our ideal dream life , we must be able to fix our goals into our daily life schedule.

Coach DDK advised that we look at our life in the currency of time, and by this, she explained that we look at who we are in our every day life and how we utilise our time.

This we can achieve by doing the following;

Look at your life, and what you prioritize and fix time allocation to these things. For example, when you spend time to pray, study God’s word, plan to think on your goals etc.

Some Interesting Quotes on Scheduling Your Time

  1. You have to make it a priority to make your priorities a priority
  2. The best way to use time is to schedule it

The elements of a working schedule includes the following:

Leverahing on Your Morning Rituals/ Routines

This means that we create time for what you do within the first 15 minutes – 2 hours of our day. It isn’t about how long this time is but what we commit to doing during that time. Some things we can do during this period includes: Praying and Studying God’s word, Exercising, Envisioning our day, etc.

Engaging in Deep Work

Deep work is the work that takes so much of our energy  that if achieved will create deep satisfaction and fulfillment. For example: Working on a curriculum for an online course, creating contents, recording a podcast etc.  To engage in deep work, you might need to put off your phone to avoid distractions.

Creating Time to Recoup or Renew Your Energy

This time of the day is when you refue and recharge your energy. This can be by eating, listening to a soul lifting music or even an inspiring Tedtalk.

Doing Shallow Work

This means that you create time to doing smaller things that don’t take so much of your creative energy e.g Attending Meetings, Replying mails etc.


The importance of scheduling this into your daily time cannot be overemphasied. It is not everytime  you should engage in work, find time to relax daily. You could try out the following: Go for a walk, check out social media, catch up with the news.

Taking a Refreshing Sleep

The human body needs to rest daily. And one way to do so is by sleeping. To be more productive, schedule the time when you go to bed and wake up daily.

Things to Help You Create a Robust Schedule

  1. List your key task daily
  2. Structure your day into time blocks. Determine activities that would sit into each time block
  3. Frame your day by structuring how to allocate time to accommodate for different areas of your life
  4. Document your schedule by writing on a notepad or using scheduling app
  5. Have shorter meeting times and learn how to be effective during meetings

In Conclusion,

I trust that this post has inspired you with practical steps on scheduling your time. I suggest that beyond just reading this post, also take out time to apply the steps to your daily life.

If you will like to connect and speak with me privately on this subject matter, please send me a mail:




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