Simple acts of Kindness, Thousand Words told

Simple acts of Kindness, Thousand Words told

Last week, my article got featured on Bellanaija. The content of the post I wrote on was Giving words of EncouragementI know that this is my all-time favourite topic to write on, but much more than that, I am learning that one of the greatest keys to long life happiness is rendering acts of kindness.

I have been so privileged to enjoy kind acts from people. So many that I do not even merit. And I don’t take these things done to me for granted. I realised that these very things I am saying are also the same for other people. Where they have enjoyed such great benefits from others.

But then

It isn’t just enough to always be on the receiving side of kind acts. It is also good to extend that same hand of fellowship to others no matter how little it may seem to you. Most times, people think they do not have the big means or money to give out to others, but truthfully speaking, kind acts isn’t just about the amount of money you give, It also isn’t even in the tangible all the time.


I remember when I just started working in the city of Lagos, one of the kindest acts I received was from a total stranger who I joined his car to work on a raining Monday morning. I had been so drenched in the rain and he offered to help me. I will never forget such an act. As I alighted from his car, I just looked around and thanked God for sending an angel my way that morning.

See,  everyone has something that can be offered to others. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the material possession. Sometimes, your presence is what people need to be reminded that everything will be alright. It could also be a kind smile to a total stranger or offering to aid someone cross the road. I know everyone has a busy life to live, but in the midst of our busyness, let us not forget to show simple acts of kindness to other people.

The time to show a kind act is always right, you never may know if you are the angel sent to answer someone’s heartfelt prayers to God at that instant. As we go about our daily life, let us stay sensitive to ways through which we can offer acts of kindness to others. For in doing so collectively, we will make the world a better place to live in.


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