Starting Afresh, starting Anew

She had been in a relationship for over 5 years, she had thought of forever with him, but alas, the unexpected break up happened to her. Isn’t this one of the stories we hear on the streets of twitter, Facebook, and even from people we know personally? And you sure know the kind of advice we give to such a fellow, move on, start again, there is better ahead.

When it comes to moving on and starting new things, there is always an atom of fear we all experience, from thinking of how to navigate through the new experience, to the painful fact of letting go of the old. But somehow, life reminds us to always embrace changes, and sometimes this comes with starting an entirely new journey.


For you, New might be changing a career path, starting a new business venture, relocating to a new land, or even entering a new relationship. Whatever this New is for you, do not feel afraid to explore the experiences that will be presented to you.

So, when embarking on a new journey, you can do these:

In Conclusion

Change they say is inevitable. If you are currently going through new experiences in your life, enjoy the moment, Live everyday unafraid… The  new is here to do you good.

Here are 2 insightful articles that can help you navigate through new seasons of your life- Take bold steps & Do not feel overwhelmed. Also, if you wish to speak with me privately on this topic, do click here to chat with me.



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  • Failing and starting over is part of life. When you are starting out, you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience.
    Until you overcome the fear of failing, you will never do anything. A man who risks nothing does nothing has nothing and is nothing.

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