Staying on the Faith Lane

When you think of Faith, what comes to mind?

For me, I think of Faith as a process of believing in and for something much bigger than me. We all are always on a faith journey, believing for one thing or the other at certain times, to further buttress what the Economists say about Human wants being insatiable. 

Needs will always abound, and we would desire to do and get stuff much bigger than us. But the interesting thing about this is that there is a process, a way, to getting things in life. It is called staying on the Faith Lane.

Some opine that believing even when you haven’t yet clearly seen is irrational, but one who has gone through a faith journey before, and received what he/she desired, will agree that Faith is not some irrational stuff.

Let us flash back a bit

Do you remember when you needed an accommodation and somehow, you got it? When you needed a good  job, and someone sent you a referral link to apply and you got a job? When you had the last  ₦1k  in your account mid month, and somehow you pulled through the month without getting stranded? These all are Faith journeys we have gone through. And that same Faith practice will help in getting anything you are believing for.

To stay on the Faith Lane, you can practice doing this;

  • Believe that what you can have what you so desire  
  • Continue putting in the work to getting what you want regardless of what circumstances are saying to discourage you
  • Speak and confess only positively what you desire to see, don’t ever speak otherwise
  • Keep faith alive all through

In Conclusion

Whatever you are believing and trusting for, always remember, when you stay on the Faith lane, anything and everything is possible.

I enjoyed listening to this teaching on Faith, you also can listen to it by clicking here.



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