It was a different route from my usual paroo, I wanted to try something different this time, though I never envisaged the journey will be that long before I embarked on it.

This was what happened

A colleague of mine had given the description on how to get to my area using the route he often took, I wasn’t familiar with it, but I wanted to check it out for myself. I am one that usually believes in trying out new things for adventure or exposure.  It didn’t come to me as a surprise as I took on this journey.

What happened next?

Few distance from the bus park, the bus I entered started giving funny sounds whaaatttt. I tried to remain calm and not blame anything or anyone for the situation, in a way,  I got some humour out the bus event,  people chattering  in the bus,  the jerk and halt movement of the bus and the non- nonchalant attitude of the driver to the situation… . the Lagos life.

Finally, I got to my first stop point. I still had 2 more buses to enter before getting home. I did think I was going to get the next available bus to board immediately, but lo and behold, it was another long journey down to the Promised Land.  Not only was the journey long, the road was so muddy with after rain effect, my shoes were swampy too and I was extremely cold. I didn’t know if to bless the day or otherwise, one thing I knew was that I chose this journey myself and I will dance to whatever tune it plays.

As I got home and hung my shoes in the rack, I remembered all I had just gone through that day and some life lessons struck in my heart:

  1. Be adventurous, try our new things, you never know what lies on the other side of NOT TRYING.
  2. Make and own your decisions, always be ready to own up to your mistakes, never give room for blaming others when you are going through stuffs, don’t play the blame game face your lane!
  3. There are several lessons to be learned as you journey through life, most that won’t come to you sitting on your chair and waiting but when you step out to try something new.
  4. Never be afraid to fail.  FAILURE is an integral part of success, when it seems you have failed, just know that you have found another way not to do something.

So my friend, my goodwill charge is this: Step out and take that bold move today, because the adventure of life lies in the process of journeying and not sitting. 






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