Take away distractions from your way, and move forward

avoid distractions
avoid distractions

Take away distractions from your way, and move forward. This is one reality that I am learning so much on lately. I am still in my very youthful age and yes,  I am open to learning things that will help me live a great life.

One of the many things I have noticed about great people is that they mostly don’t have time for certain things that won’t benefit them. They are usually so focused, setting their face on a goal and pursuing hard to achieve it. Sometimes, I just wonder, are these people, superhumans? Or don’t they have things that call for their attention to distract them?


Well, a closer study of these people’s lives, using one of my role models DDK as an example shows that they major on the major and minor on the minor. One of the things DDK says helps her achieve so many goals is that she focuses on what she needs to get done per time and works at getting it done. This is one of the greatest secrets of success.


But another question I like to ask, is , did these people just start exercising this great level of self-discipline overnight?

Well, I want to believe that these people trained themselves into applying this discipline to their daily schedule, and it is helping them achieve their goals. Having learned this ”one secret to success”, I am sharing in this post some things that could distract people from achieving their goals in life.


Addiction to Social Media

Social media is a good tool for connecting with people and keeping in touch with relationships. Whilst this is the aim of inventing social media, it is unfortunate that this is one of the greatest things distracting people from living productive lives and achieving their goals in life. To minimize this evident distraction, these things will help:

  • Have a definite time you access social media every day. This will also mean scheduling a time you go online and offline.
  • Ensure you have achieved at least a major part of your daily task before you spend so much time on social media.
  • When on social media, ensure you are doing something useful with your time.

Sticking to un-necessary Relationships

This one is heavy and huge. So many people distract themselves with unnecessary relationships. They keep going around in circles, trying to keep up with relationships that aren’t beneficial to them, but rather sucks their useful energy. This shouldn’t be so.

Of a truth, the importance of having a great relationship is enormous, but this is only beneficial when it is adding value to you and not distracting you from achieving your life goals.


Cut out unnecessary activities from your daily routine

This reminds me of a quote I read somewhere. ’It’s needless to do very well what needn’t be done at all’’. If you look through some people’ daily schedule, it is filled with so many activities. But if you probed deeply, very few of these activities add value to their lives. If you want to avoid this type of distraction, do the following help:

  • Make a plan for all the activities you want to achieve daily.
  • Arrange this list in order of importance.
  • Apportion a time frame to these activities.
  • Tick off the activities you have achieved from time to time.

In Conclusion

To live a better life isn’t such a difficult thing to do. It is all about some little daily steps to start applying to your life.As you read this post, do not feel overwhelmed by the many to-do’s you need to start implementing in your daily life, rather go over this post and start implementing them one after the other.

I would really love to hear from you how helpful this post was to you. Please me a message in the comment section of this post or send me a mail: I would be glad to hear from you.




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