Taking responsibility starts with you

I often hear people  complain about the kind of life they live.  I have also done the same too in the past. Blaming very genuine life situations, circumstances, and people.  The reasons are genuine, rationally speaking.  But as I have grown and over the years, I have realised that passing blames never gets anyone far, but rather gives  an upper hand to another to dictate the outcome of your life.

Learning from this, I have also come to accept that to a large  extent, the outcome  of a man’s life is greatly dependent  on him/herself. By this I mean, what that individual truly wants from life and is actively working towards.


No doubt, there will be genuine  reasons to blame something or someone else at every time, but if you really want to go forward  and live your dreams, you must be willing to take responsibility for your life.


Taking responsibility  means accepting that you are responsible for how your life has turned out and deciding to make the necessary changes required of you. To doing this, try out the following:

Take charge of your emotions

Emotions are so fickle and unreliable and hence you must not base the judgement  of your life on them. That you feel weak doesn’t mean you are weak, neither does feeling like a failure make you a failure. Gather  inner strength  and make a decision to change the outcome of your life 

Start from where you are right now

Ask yourself, what is that one thing I can do to move my life  forward in the direction I truly desire? What direction can I change my life to that will truly make me happy? What do I need to stop doing? What should I start doing?

Make a Move

Making plans is good, but execution is much better. Having taken responsibility, planned on what to do, move. Take those actions. Take a step, make a move.

In Conclusion,

Taking responsibility is much more than mere words.It is about definite actions and steps that you need to start doing. There is so much on your inside yearning for expression.  Make the move, change  the narrative  and live your best life.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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