Month end is usually the most exciting time for any  Youth Corper, for one singular fact,Allowee go enter account !!! Mine  wasn’t any different.I  was lucky to be posted to Lagos State for my service year ,and so I had an opportunity to experience for the first time   ‘The Lagos life’  . I had never been away from  home  since I was born as all my education had been in Ondo State  my hometown , so for me,it  was an opportunity to explore a new life.


I decided I was going to visit many places during my service year,starting from   Shoprite supermarket as it was the closest to where I worked. So after collecting my first Alawee,I decided to spoil myself with enjoyment in  my own little way  at Shoprite . I Shopped and shopped and shopped,what didn’t I buy? even the regular Onion(alubosa) that I could easily get on my street, I ensured I bought at the supermarket so it would have the tag ‘Shoprite onion’ .


After shopping, I had 2 big nylon bags full of groceries . I had fulfilled my desire,now all that was left was to just get a safe place to keep the bags while I snack up at a restaurant. I chose to eat at the most  expensive restaurant in the mall even if I was only going to  take burger & ice cream.I would also have the opportunity of snapping very fine pictures and upload on Facebook using the restaurant’s background.


But there was just one thing left,where do you keep my shoppaholic bags so no one tampers with my things. You know it is Lagos and I have to ‘SHINE MY EYES ’. Luckily  for me ,i saw a security Lady right at  the entrance of the supermarket helping people keep their bags,i approached her to  help keep mine   and  she graciously agreed. So off I went to enjoy myself.When I returned to pick my bag,i met a long queue of people  trying to get their bags,some were angry  that the line wasn’t moving, but I  just waited patiently,hoping I will get my things in order.


Several customers upon picking up  their bags didn’t even  say a word of thank you  to this lady, it was her job  to  keep bags and  she gets paid after all(that  mentality). But I noticed all along,the young lady  treated everyone with so much courtesy (one would think she got paid a million bucks for that). When it was almost my turn,i saw the man right in  front of me bring out  his wallet to give the lady some money, I wouldn’t know how much he counted, but from the number of notes I saw,the money must definitely be more than the cost of  all my  shopping  put together. The lady was overwhelmed with joy,she least expected it ,she kept saying thank you, thank you,thank you as the man left the queue.


I was next on the queue and was touched by how much this lady appreciated  the man , I could literally feel it,the thank you come out  from her innermost being.I didn’t know when I opened my own purse  and handed N500 to this lady,it was like magic,the thank you was so resonating. Same thing happened for the  next 2 customers who also gave her some cash.

I learned a lesson very  fast that day. The more we appreciate seemingly little things that come our way,the more we open up ourselves to opportunities of receiving much more than we bargained for.

So let me be the first to say

“Thank you so much for reading this post”. It really does mean a lot to me



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