The 3 Magic words, I am Sorry, Please and Thank you

I am Sorry, please and Thank you
I am Sorry, please and Thank you

From experience, I have come to know that these 3 words, I am Sorry, Please and Thank you are actually magic words? Well, I will tell a little story about this…

Some days ago, I did something I wasn’t so happy about. Although looking at the whole event, it wasn’t really my fault, as it was an oversight, but I had learned from past experiences that, sometimes, using the words,  I am Sorry, Please and Thank you don’t always have to be when you want to prove a point. So immediately my attention was pointed to what I did wrong, I quickly apologised and said ”I am sorry”.


As I did so, I realised that I had so much inner peace and the person I supposedly offended gave me a smile. It was as though she had expected me to apologise, even when I didn’t know I had done something wrong. Trust me, after the event, I reflected on what had happened and I learned so much on the power of these magic words: I am Sorry, Please and Thank you.

Often times, we want to insist on our own right, our own way of doing things, but usually, things don’t have to always go in the same way we want them to go. Of a truth, so many people aren’t familiar with using these words, as they consider them too ”formal” or out-of-place to use. But in reality, using these words, I am Sorry, Please and Thank you portrays a lot of courtesy.


Here is how to start applying the magic words I am Sorry, Please and Thank you to your everyday conversations:

I am Sorry

  • When you notice that you have offended someone and you want to apologise, be quick to say ”I am Sorry”.
  • If you are pleading a cause on behalf of someone else, use the word ”I am Sorry”.
  • You can begin a statement with ”I am Sorry’‘ when you want to make a point in disagreement with what is being discussed.
  • You can use the word ”I am sorry” when you want to comfort someone who is hurting.


  • When you want to seek for help from someone, be quick to use the word ”Please” before making a request.
  • When you want to be excused from a gathering, use the word ”Please”.
  • When you want to join into a conversation and make a point, use the word ”Please”.
  • When you need to ask for a favour, use the word ”Please”.

Thank you

  • When you receive a gift from someone, say  ”Thank you”.
  • When you benefit from a service even if it’s a paid one, say  ”Thank you”.
  • When someone helps you out with a task, say  ”Thank you”.
  •  When you are given an opportunity to express yourself say, ”Thank you”.


In Conclusion, always remember, that it pays to always be courteous, as everyone wants to feel special and appreciated. Using these magic words will make others feel this way and invariably improve our relationship with people.


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