The brighter side of life

brighter side of life
brighter side of life

One thing you need to keep reminding yourself and people around you is that there is a brighter side of life.

Do you know why I say this?

Many a time, people live life thinking that their experiences and realities are just what life is about. You wouldn’t blame anyone to think so, certain situations have conditioned so many people to believe a false reality and perception to life.

Of a truth, there are many struggles in life, to live, eat, fend for oneself and the many other dependencies they are catering for, or even charting a path of success. But in the midst of it all, if you keep paying attention to the wrong things you see about life now, you might miss out of even knowing that there is a brighter side of life.

Let me tell a story on this

I remember knowing a woman some years back,  how she struggled to raise her kids all alone after her husband died quite early in their marriage. The woman’s reality then wasn’t what she planned for, In fact, she was one of the most gentle, easy going people I knew around then. But challenges of life hit her, and she had to survive.

So what did she do?

After her husband’s death, she picked up herself and started running a small scale business. All this was done to keep her body and soul together, and that of her family too. I want to believe that there were days when she didn’t know what next to do, and times when she cried her eyes out of frustration because of the challenges she was going through. But one thing I always saw about her was that she lived life always happy. Her countenance just made us all believe that she would pull through to the brighter side of life she had always envisaged. Gradually, her children grew up, started working, and supporting her.

No sooner than later, there was stability in her family, and she was eased off the stress she was carrying all alone. The last I heard,  she is a now grandmother, touring different countries to visit her children and grandchildren. Indeed life has changed for good for her.

I told this story to urge you and myself, that what you are going through now isn’t the end of life. The brighter side of life will surely come. But while still waiting and hoping for it to come, you can do the following:

1. Keep believing in yourself and your life journey.

2. Keep taking those baby steps to get better.

3. Live life happily.

4. Always seize opportunities as they come, and go after the ones you need to pursue.

5. Never disconnect from good relationships in your life.

Have you been inspired by this post?

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