The Ijebu Garri Principle

The usefulness of garri cannot be over emphasized in our daily lives
Especially when taken with chilled water and spiced with groundnut and milk
For some of us it’s just a punishment food and for others,a pre meal
Whatever reason we sure want to satisfy a desire-hunger or pleasure

As I balanced to the garri meal this fateful day
i really could taste the difference between its types
i wasn’t eating for hunger,but pleasure
I had eaten garri severally before,
but this particular one was different
it had a very nice aroma,really tasted good and needed little or no additive
Ijebu garri it was called

what made this difference ?i thought
i discovered that what made ijebu garri most desirous is the little extra effort and time spent in making it
That extra fermentation and frying time
The process was more stressful ,
took longer time but gave a better finish
And so I learnt from that

if our common day Garri has variance and needs to be worked on,
how much more our potentials inbuilt in us?
It’s easy and regular for everyone to know and say I have the ability to do a million things
but difference makers aint that many

The world is not looking for the man that has all the knowledge of his potentials
but one that has worked on it to produce result and answer a need
A raw potential will continually lie dormant or not even useful if it is not worked on or harnessed
As a bow in the hand of the hunter without firing at a prey is useless,
so also is a dormat potential

its time to add knowlege,gain mastery and sharpen that hidden potential in you
As there’s no better time to start than NOW

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Joyce Olawunmi

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