The Importance of Having a Big Why

After I read Simon Sinek’s Book-  Start with Why, I came to understand the importance of having a big WHY before venturing into anything. This is because, it is this WHY that got you started in the first place that has the capacity to sustain you through the turmoils and triumphs of the journey. 

Oftentimes, people venture into things without identifying what their big WHY is, and hence when the storms come raging, they are quick to give up. 

What really is this big WHY? 

  • Your WHY is what wakes you up daily to keep working hard on a Vision
  • Your WHY is what keeps you pushing even when others can’t see what you see
  • Your WHY is what makes you go the extra mile on your job even when others settle and do a mediocre job
  • Your WHY defines the personal rigorous habits you infuse into your daily life
  • Your WHY is what makes you not engage in certain self destructive habits
  • Your WHY is what makes you do what you do

If you ever ventured on a project, job or relationship, and you feel like walking away, it might mean that you don’t know what your big WHY is, and hence may need to sit back and ask yourself very sincere WHY questions like:

  1. WHY am I doing what I am doing? 
  2. Is this WHY big enough to continue this journey? 
  3. Is my WHY worth fighting for?

When you have secured your WHY in place, then  take the next step to either Forge ahead, or to Restrategize.  Whichever option you end up picking ,trust your guts and make the appropriate move.

Thanks for reading this post.

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