The Importance of Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself is a journey.

This is not some fake it to make it kinda day oo. It is a time when we crack some jokes and tell ourselves the honest truth. So recently, I was listening to a webinar organized by one of my favorite teachers. At the webinar, she had a guest who spoke extensively on the importance of  knowing and being the UNIQUE YOU, and the benefits it has to us as individuals.

That webinar opened my eyes to a new kind of knowing myself. So it really isn’t everything someone tells us of ourselves that is totally true. Neither should we blame ourselves when we fall short of some kind of societal expectations of us.

Amazingly, we live in a world  that always wants to tell us what to do, set a kind of standard of life we should conform to, and worst of all, want to dictate just how we should live our lives. Social media wahala.

Sadly, it is very possible for one to lose track of his/ her unique self and want to dance to the tune of what every other person thinks, but the down side to this is that one would keep living a people pleasing kind of life, and never really utilize his/her inner prowess.

Here are some honest truth about You:

  • You are not everyone else
  • You have your uniqueness
  • There is an inner YOU that you should strive to know and be friends with everyday
  • Knowing yourself helps you appraise yourself with the right kind of estimation, identify your weaknesses and utilize your strength

In Conclusion

Always remember, the only person you will be with for the rest of your life is You, So invest time into knowing and Being You everyday.

Check out this link to watch a replay of the webinar I earlier talked about- Visionary Talk Show

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