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The Love of God, 3 Undeniable Proofs

I remember one time I applied for a competitive job, scaled through the first stage of the interview, and aced the 2 hours 2nd stage interview with a series of questions and presentations. After topping the closing session of the interview with some previous self-development and coaching work I had done, you could tell the interviewers were so pleased with my responses and the job was already mine.

As a sharp Christian girl, I started giving thanks already, with a daily load of confession to seal it up.

Fast forward to the day to get feedback on the outcome and the response I got was far different from what I had expected. The interviewers liked me, in fact, they were ready to give me an offer, as one of them really wanted me to join his team due to the skills and years of experience I would be bringing on board. But for some reason, the interview process was halted.

I couldn’t understand it, it didn’t make sense…..

As I ended the heartbreaking- call, all that came to my mind was to go back to my Father God and ask questions. I ended up summing up my questions into a simple statement:


“God give me this job to show me you love me”

No doubt, the job was going to come with a fantastic offer and one that I knew I would grow my career in.

As I muttered those words in my heart to God and he came back with a response to me.

He said…

Wunmi, it is not by having this job that I will use to prove my love to you. I have been there long before, and have shown you mercy in the past.  Think and remember what I have done for you in the past…

  • The time you almost died in an accident and I brought you back
  • The breath you take in and out unconsciously every day
  • The many battles you are unaware of that I fight on your behalf

The list goes on and on..,

And so I changed my heart posture from seeking validation of God’s love at this instance, to thanking and acknowledging him for how far he had brought me. For if he has closed this door job to me at this time, he sure has made another door open for a more fanatic job to me.

This is the kind of father we serve, one who always knows the end from the beginning. Sometimes we expect to get certain things but they don’t just come in the way and time we want. This does not in any way mean that God does not love us. He does love us and is always preparing to give us the best when the time is right.

And always remember:

God does for you what you cannot do for yourself

God gives to you what you cannot give yourself

God keeps for you what you cannot keep for yourself

Trust him today with your all.


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